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Discover Mylo: A New App That Can Make You Save Up To 1000$/Year

More Money, Less Problems



Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees But It Will Grow In Your Phone With Mylo!

Imagine what it would to spend money and save money at the same time; Mylo made it possible now. I can’t tell what your childhood looked like but I think we all have this one memory in common. I’m talking about that little habit that most parents try to teach their kids hoping they will remember it once they grow up.

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Do you remember the days when regardless where it came from, whenever someone gave you a dollar you felt the urgent need to drop it in your piggy bank? Do you remember the sound it made when you shaked all your fortune inside? Yes ladies and gentlemen, as grown men and women, saving money was,is and will forever be a problem for some of us.



Today i’m happy to announce to my fellow big spenders that it is possible now to spend money and save money simultaneously as contradictionnal as it sounds. With this new app called Mylo invented in Montreal, they literaly took us back to a fundamental principle we once knew in our childhood : SAVE THE SPARE CHANGE!



How Mylo Works?

Mylo is a mobile app that syncs with your different bank and credit accounts in order to manage an automatic saving system for you. The system is quite simple, for every transaction you make with your different cards, the app rounds up the total and keep the little extra money in a special funds account for you! (they require your SIN number but have strict policies about security)

«Mylo(..)rounds up everyday purchases and invest the spare change in a personally tailored diversified portfolio of ETFs to maximize your potential growth.»

I know you probably feel like : “what’s the catch?”. I felt like that too because I didnt really understood the value of such an app at first but let me give you a quick example here:

I usually do up to 45 and 100 transactions with my different cards per month.


For each transaction, Mylo rounds the total you have to pay and keep the extra it creates. Lets say I buy something worth 5.50$, Mylo will round the price to 6$ and keep the extra 0.50$ for my savings. Now lets imagine how much I would save per month with this simple trick, lets check it out in the picture below.

Cc: montrealgotstyle

Cc: montrealgotstyle

Make Better Decisions With Mylo

In addition to saving the money for you, the app provides you various information on how much you spend on subscriptions, debts, food, clothing and etc. Mylo is also able to give you precise information what you can afford with your current budget like a mortgage,a new car and many other things.

How Much It Costs?

I personnaly think that it wouldn’t be the best marketing strategy for an app to make you spend money in order to save money and I think the team behind Mylo had that figured out too. indeed, using the app is totally free of charge.


“As you go about your day-to-day life, Mylo offers valuable insights on where you spend your hard earned money”

They are currently having a boost of their first users right now. You can be an early adopter and provide feedback on what will potentially become one of the most useful app ever built in Montreal!(and save money in the process too)

We invite all our readers to make their research about this new app coming soon through their website and give us feedbacks about their experience in the comment section!

What do you plan to do with your savings?

Any special project or trip in mind?

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The Book Club: 3 Designers Biographies That Every Fashion Enthusiasts Should Know By Heart

Time To Update Your “To Read” List!



designers biographies book knowledge amazon

3 Designers Biographies That Will Change Your Life!

Sometimes Designers live in a world that seems tainted by superficiality and hype but when the smoke clears and you take the time to read those designers biographies; you realize that they are human beings too!

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In order to be prepared to provide our audience the best content ever in terms of fashion, we’ve searched through some of the biggest brands and designers to understand their philosophy and how they have impacted fashion.


Rather than only look through blogs, we’ve decided to stay old school with it and read those designers biographies instead. What came out of that approach was an an impressive amount of insights of what shaped their art and why they became successful.

Today, we will present 3 designers biographies that every fashion enthusiasts should know by heart, wheter they’re looking for inspiration or keys to success in life!

1. Shoe Dog By Phil Knight (Not A Designer But He Discovered A Lot Of Them)



Phil Knight is the founder of Nike and even though this company is the biggest thing in the shoe world now, they had humble beginnings too!

In this biography, Knight opens up about the early stages of Nike before it was even called by that name. Nike had many struggles before and little did we know, they’ve created this company solely because they were about to be fired from a previous shoe supplier.


It’s those kinds of biography take makes you learn your history, what it takes to be successful and it leaves you with the impression that you can achieve something incredible as well. We also learn more about their innovation process that got them on top for so long.

Shoe Dog” delivers an honest portray of what every entrepreneurs that evolve around the fashion business will have to endure to make it in the industry.

Get it HERE

2. Hubert De Givenchy : Entre Vie Et Legende (French Only)

hubert the givenchy biography book french designer high end luxury brand

cC: Hubert De Givenchy’s Cover from the book “Hubert de Givenchy : Entre Vie Et Legende

Why high end luxury fashion brands survived the test of time so easily? Even Hip Hop artists make many references to Dior or Channel but what all those brands have in common?


I think they all had iconic designers like Hubert De Givenchy to mark history with their genius and make them relevant to this day. Givenchy is the perfect designer to study first because he was  there when all the greats were at their peak!

In this biography, Givenchy takes us back in time and bring us to the golden era where taste and refinery was a mark of nobility and success. He makes us discover Dior & Channel through the perspective of a student and a friend.

Most of all,  it explains why those designers shaped fashion as we know it now, from the fabrics to the shape of the clothes!



3. Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out by Marc Ecko

marc ecko unlabel complex news ecko unlimited designer


Some of ya’ll may think that Ecko Unlimited wasn’t really a thing but I think it’s because they never took enough credit for their work or impact on the fashion industry

Marc Ecko is also the founder of Complex Magazine which is now one of the biggest media outlet in Hip Hop & street fashion. Here is A funny fact that we discovered in the book: Complex was originally created to promote Ecko Unlimited products!

This graffiti artist turned designer came in the industry with one thing in mind: transcend his passion for graffiti into clothing.  This same idea made him work with various celebrities, developing video games around his brand and now expanding his activities into a media outlet.

I think this book can teach any fashion enthusiast how to open their mind to different possibilities and ventures to dive in. He also delivers his keys to success in business in that book!



Be Inspired & Take Action

The book club is a way for us to help our readers to discover new things or to open up their minds to a larger perspective. Did you know about the designers we’ve introduced today?

If by any chance you get to read one of those books please let us know what about your experience!



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Fashion & Lifestyle

Sell Your Old Goods And Socialize All In The Palm Of Your Hand With The New Nelinelo App!

Great Minds Think Great Thoughts!



start up la dent de dragon caroline néron

Nelinelo App: Bringing The Concept Of A Garage Sale In The Digital World!

The concept of selling your old goods online is not new but bringing back the human touch behind it is the challenge that the founders of the Nelinelo App have accepted a couple months ago.

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I think Ebay and most of the online platforms are hard to trust nowadays because we can’t put a face behind the seller and we all know that the pictures they use are deceptive at times.


Apps like Nelinelo respond to the customer’s need to interact with the seller while making sure the money is invested on a quality product.

We had the pleasure to meet with Kévin Pérard & Aurélie Saîz  and understand why they will most likely make a huge impact in the app world with their idea!

The Origins Of The Nelinelo App

montrealgotstyle nelinelo start up canada entrepreneur

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

Kévin initially had the idea 6 years ago but everything really started to fall into place in the last  3-4 months. He presented his idea and made demos to almost 150 potential users until he met Aurélie Saîz.

The two young entrepreneurs are like a double headed dragon. Aurélie takes care of the marketing and Kévin handles the technical part. From that partnership and natural chemistry between the two; the adventure of Ninelo took off.

nelinelo app kevin perrat aurélie saïz startup

Cc: Nelinelo

Indeed, Kévin & Aurélie decided that they would put their focus and energy together to offer a solution to a problem. Since they were both coming from France as immigrants in Montreal, they had noticed how hard it was to have a safe access to second hand goods especially if you don’t know anybody in the city.

Sometimes you can set up a meeting with a seller only to find out that he or she is not trustworthy. Even worst. sometimes you go far away from your place only to find out that the product is in poor condition.

Keeping those issues in mind, Kévin initially started the project with his own resources and knowledge to create a solution.  His main objective was to find a way to let immigrants, regular customers, students, local second hands boutiques, sell or get their items safely while keeping a human touch through a social network.

Indeed, the app is not just a regular platform where you can sell your old stuffs. You can actually interact with your seller or clients instantly, locate items near you, get alerts for your favourite items and host events. They also have video features where you can see the actual condition of the item.


Nelinelo App : New Life, New Love

Nelinelo stands for “New Life, New Love” because the founders believe that their app could help sellers and buyers in finding a new purpose or a lovely home for their old goods. They also encourage recycling as much as possible. What really caught my attention is the community spirit that this social media/online platform has to offer.

After 3-4 months of hard work, testing, brainstorms and promotion for the upcoming app, Nelinelo is now ready to amaze the world!

The Founders Of Nelinelo In Their Own Words

Watch Now

Download it the app now on adroid now!


Follow Nelinelo


If you need more information about Nelinelo, the features or  what a real life event organised with Nelinelo would look like, the team behind Nelinelo has something for you. Saturday May 6th, they are putting together their first monthly event where potential users can see a demo of the app and sell their old goods!

Click here to access the event


We’re definitely looking forward to see what the future of Ninelo will look like (and you should too!).

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Fashion & Lifestyle

5 Youtube Channels To Activate The Right Side Of Your Brain (And Kill Time Too!)

Youtube Is The Plug



channels inspiration youtube google

Youtube Is The Number 1 Source To Find Other Creatives,Thinkers & Entertainers That Will Change Your Life

I’ve said it many times and no offense to my current circle but Youtube is my best friend since 2008 (still undisputed).

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They say that we will all spend 33% of our life sleeping, I think my favourite hip hop videos or motivational stuff will easily fill the rest of the 67% (seriously)


All jokes aside, when you take away the cat videos, the TMZ look-a-likes and not-so-funny comedy skits, Youtube is a goldmine of powerful creatives, thinkers and thoughtful entertainers.

Today, we will overview 5 Youtube channels that will activate the right side of your brain in terms of creativity, entertainment and knowledge!

1 Dj Akademiks

Dj akamediks

Cc: dj akademiks

If you’re not familiar already, Dj Akademiks is the godfather of a new form of hip hop’s journalism. This famous youtuber will help you understand on a deeper level what’s going on in the hip hop world.


He uses satire and sometimes controversial comments to describe the latest hip hop news. When you really think about it, he literally says out loud what everybody else would hush. So if you want the dive in hip hop’s culture in a funny way, he’s the go to guy!

2 Before They Were Famous

Before they were famous

Cc: before they were famous

“Before They Were Famous” is the closest thing you will find that looks like an actual tv show on Youtube. Indeed, Michael Mccrudden documents the life of your favorite celebrities with the same accuracy than a MTV documentary!

What I like the most about this show is the fact that he introduces his audience to those celebrites in their “rags to riches” phase with an incredible amount of facts that you actually didn’t know about them.


It’s those kind of shows that inspires you and give you keys to figure how you can be successful too.

PS: Micheal Mccrudden also allows his subscribers to choose the next celebrity he will talk about which is extremely dope!!

3 Ted Talks

Ted talks

Cc: Ted Talks

If you’re into self-improvement (like you should be) well Ted Talks will uplift your spirit like never before! Ted Talks invite speakers from all over the world to open up about various topics from how to be successful, how to overcome fear, obstacles and many other life hacks you never thought about.


What I like about Ted Talks is the fact that it opens up your perspective based on someone else’s life experience. Sometimes it even feels like the speaker is actually talking to you especially if the topic resonates with your current situation.

If you’re really into self-improvement without all the guru nonsense floating around all over the web, Ted Talks is the channel to subscribe to.

4 People Are Awesome

People are awesome2

Cc: People are awesome

Extraordinary people know how to push their limits everyday and we finally have a channel to showcase that in a daily basis. “People Are Awesome” is a youtube channel where you can witness human potential in his purest forms.


From sports exploits, artistic masterpieces and many other amazing examples of how “people are awesome”. This channel will give you ideas, stimulate your mind and often leave you in a “WTF” moment.

5 Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas youtube channel

Cc: Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is like that football coach you wished you could’ve have for the rest of life. He’s a motivationnal speaker that managed to overcome homelessness and became successful even though he had to start by getting a G.E.D in his late 20’s.

Eric Thomas will always tell YOU the harsh reality you don’t want to hear even though you HAVE to hear it. He delivers the undeniable truth about lazyness, success and motivation; the same truths we tend to ignore because it’s too hard to swallow.


PS: He speaks very loudly so you might have to turn down the volume a bit or grab some earphones when you’re in public.

We hope this selection of youtube channels will help you unleash your creativity or found some inspiration to achieve your goals. Tell us what do you think about this selection in the comment section. Do you have other youtube channels in mind?

Let Us Know In The Comment Section Now!

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