What If We Were All Like Dexter Morgan And Mr Robot?

When You Take Away The Hackings & Killings Of Course

What If We Were All Like Dexter Morgan And Mr Robot

Are We All Like Dexter Morgan And Mr Robot? (without the killing and hacking though)

Dexter Morgan and Mr Robot are officially my new favourite tv/movie characters of all time (I really mean mean it). This article is actually about my own episode of «My Strange Addiction» because if there’s one thing in the world I’m addicted to, it’s TV shows.

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I watch a dozen different ones each month, especially those relating to psychology, psychopats, life dramas and social issues. Trust me you will never find any characters as complex and real than Dexter Morgan and Mr Robot.  We all know that TV networks take parts of our day to day life and exagerate them to entertain us, but we can’t deny the hidden gems in some of our favourite shows.


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Just in case you’re not familiar with it yet, Dexter is about a Miami-based serial killer that hunts and kills other serial killers. Just to make it more contradictory and ironic, Dexter Morgan, the main character, is also a forensic blood spatter analyst working for the Miami Police Department. Dexter lives a double life. On the one hand he’s perceived as an introverted, timid and friendly guy at his day job but by night, he is a cold blooded, meticoulous and strategic killer at night.


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Mr Robot is the life story Elliot Anderson alias Mr Robot, a cybersecurity technician that has declared war on corrupted corporations by hacking through their systems and revealing their dirty laundry. The titular character is depicted as depressed, socially disturbed, addicted to drugs and weak to the point where he has to use an alter ego to commit his cyber attacks.


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Dexter Morgan (aside from the killing of course) reflects the double life and roles that we have to play in order to be accepted or to hide our true nature. In many aspects of our lives we have to look and act a certain way to avoid being targeted or misjudged by other people.

Dexter understands that he can’t be himself, because he might get locked up or even killed. It’s the same thing for you and I but on a different scale. Are you the same person at work and at home? I didn’t think so. Are you the same person with your family and with people you don’t particularly like? Probably not. To me, Dexter Morgan portrays all the masks we have to wear to get through life. This is why, from season 1 to 6, this show really resonated with me.

When it comes to Mr Robot, it’s all plain and simple: this show is an open window into all the pressure we get from social media. Elliot is unable to fit people’s expectations, unable to display emotions, unable to live the happy life like everybody else. He can’t help but go to war against that ideal as pictured by big corporations. From time to time he goes off on the way people like to portray themselves on the net, when the reality is very different. He gets sick of this hypocrisy to the point where he feels he needs to fight back from the inside with all his hacking abilities.

Now I don’t want to get into all the conspiracy theories out there, but sometimes I feel like we’re just trying to catch up with our favourite celebrities’ lifestyles or what we see on the web as if we were getting constantly programmed to do so. Can you afford the fancy dinner you just posted on instagram every day of the week? Do you go to the gym to improve your health or just for a thousand likes? Do you say the truth when you tweet? To me this show challenges this «everything looks good on the net» image we falsely create for ourselves.

To conclude, I would like to emphasize on the fact that whether we like it or not we all have a little bit of Dexter and Mr Robot inside us. Are you the «well-intentioned-hate-hiding guy»? or the «social-media-pretender-that-would-like-to-be-himself»? Answer in the comments please!




Who is your favourite character between Dexter Morgan and Mr Robot?


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