Sell Your Old Goods And Socialize All In The Palm Of Your Hand With The New Nelinelo App

Sell Your Old Goods And Socialize All In The Palm Of Your Hand With The New Nelinelo App!

Great Minds Think Great Thoughts!

Nelinelo App: Bringing The Concept Of A Garage Sale In The Digital World!

The concept of selling your old goods online is not new but bringing back the human touch behind it is the challenge that the founders of the Nelinelo App have accepted a couple months ago.

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I think Ebay and most of the online platforms are hard to trust nowadays because we can’t put a face behind the seller and we all know that the pictures they use are deceptive at times.

Apps like Nelinelo respond to the customer’s need to interact with the seller while making sure the money is invested on a quality product.

We had the pleasure to meet with Kévin Pérard & Aurélie Saîz  and understand why they will most likely make a huge impact in the app world with their idea!

The Origins Of The Nelinelo App

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Kévin initially had the idea 6 years ago but everything really started to fall into place in the last  3-4 months. He presented his idea and made demos to almost 150 potential users until he met Aurélie Saîz.

The two young entrepreneurs are like a double headed dragon. Aurélie takes care of the marketing and Kévin handles the technical part. From that partnership and natural chemistry between the two; the adventure of Ninelo took off.

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Cc: Nelinelo

Indeed, Kévin & Aurélie decided that they would put their focus and energy together to offer a solution to a problem. Since they were both coming from France as immigrants in Montreal, they had noticed how hard it was to have a safe access to second hand goods especially if you don’t know anybody in the city.

Sometimes you can set up a meeting with a seller only to find out that he or she is not trustworthy. Even worst. sometimes you go far away from your place only to find out that the product is in poor condition.

Keeping those issues in mind, Kévin initially started the project with his own resources and knowledge to create a solution.  His main objective was to find a way to let immigrants, regular customers, students, local second hands boutiques, sell or get their items safely while keeping a human touch through a social network.

Indeed, the app is not just a regular platform where you can sell your old stuffs. You can actually interact with your seller or clients instantly, locate items near you, get alerts for your favourite items and host events. They also have video features where you can see the actual condition of the item.

Nelinelo App : New Life, New Love

Nelinelo stands for “New Life, New Love” because the founders believe that their app could help sellers and buyers in finding a new purpose or a lovely home for their old goods. They also encourage recycling as much as possible. What really caught my attention is the community spirit that this social media/online platform has to offer.

After 3-4 months of hard work, testing, brainstorms and promotion for the upcoming app, Nelinelo is now ready to amaze the world!

The Founders Of Nelinelo In Their Own Words

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If you need more information about Nelinelo, the features or  what a real life event organised with Nelinelo would look like, the team behind Nelinelo has something for you. Saturday May 6th, they are putting together their first monthly event where potential users can see a demo of the app and sell their old goods!

Click here to access the event

We’re definitely looking forward to see what the future of Ninelo will look like (and you should too!).


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