Donald Draper Is Still What You Secretly Wish To Be & Here’s Why

The Donald Drapper’s Way

Donald Draper Is Still What You Secretly Wish To Be   038  Here  8217 s Why

The Donald Draper’s Way Of Life Is What You Aspire Even Though You Don’t Know It Yet!

Donald Draper is without a doubt the most enigmatic TV character we’ve seen in the last decade. From his mindset, driven personality & crazy antics; he has that “I want to be like that” aura around him!

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For those who don’t know, Donald Draper is a fictional character from the cult tv show called Mad Men. The show evolves around the 70’s and the overall environment of people working in the advertising industry at that time.

Donald Draper alias Don Draper is at the top of the food chain as one of the main creative directors in his publicity agency. What seems to be the perfect man living a perfect life actually hides the fact that he stole a dead soldier’s identity to get drafted from the army.

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From that point, Draper was forced to live a crazy double life. He had to hide his real identity, harsh upbringing filled with poverty and abuse while remaining the power figure he wanted the world to believe he is.

Beyond all his flaws, Draper still represent the little voice in your head that tells you :

” Be The Man The  World Never Expected You To Be!”


Today we will overview the key reasons why Donald Drapper is the man you secretly want to be (especially to unleash your inner boss)

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Be Passionate, Driven & Creative

Don lives, breaths, sleeps and eats advertising (not always in the same order). Maybe because his work is the only thing stable in his double life but he manages to excel in it for one main reason : his passion!

Don doesn’t care about the big company he’s pitching to, doesn’t care about the product itself. In fact, all he cares about is how his creativity and expertise will be a game changer for his field.

The reason why he’s so good at it is because even his own life seems to be guided by the same formula. Advertising is about taking a product or someone regardless of the condition in which you find it and make it look bigger than life.

Sometimes for his campaigns, Draper literally goes to the darkest moments of his past to come with an idea at the risk of losing is sanity. If you wondered how extreme passion and creativity can be, he painted the picture for us.

If you ever peeped the show, you could feel like he was in some kind of trans when he was pitching his ideas to his clients as if they didn’t exist and the only thing that mattered was his calling.

They say :” if you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life” and that’s exactly what Don is about!

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Make Everything You Do Look Bigger Than Life

You’re more than the clothes you wear, you’re more than the things you say (in case you didn’t know). Draper has what I typically call the “Aura“.

Invisible, subtle, effective and powerful. This “Aura” is your message to the world. From your posture, the way you carry yourself and even to the way you shake someone’s hand; you create a certain energy field around.

This energy field can either work for you or against you if you don’t know how to master it. Donald Draper is the perfect example of that double hedged sword.

In his work life, Don is a dominant figure. He affirms himself with confidence, panache, authority and class which in return allows him to be respected, admired and even feared by his colleagues.

With the ladies, Don is the larger than life ladies man. He’s suave, he has that “you’re not hard to get for me” vibe in his mannerism and he uses his stature in his best advantage.

On another note, he allows himself to be vulnerable especially when a tragedy or a painful memory resurfaces. This reminds us that we’re not here to tell you to “Fake Till You Make It“.

It’s okay to try to make everything you do looks bigger than life but you also have to let yourself be vulnerable when the time occurs.

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Keep Yourself Above Water At All Cost

This is possibly Draper’s main and most destructive flaw. You know that old saying : “Life Happens!” but when it does you have to take action or deal with the consequences later.

In Don’s case whenever something from his past comes up or when he faces a major setback, it seems like his whole life is crushed. His drinking habit kicks in, he gets disrespectful with his peers and his work ethic suffers immensely.

I think it’s all about your mindset, if you decide the perceive setbacks as a catastrophe well it isn’t hard to tell that you will take everything in your environment totally out of proportion.

Everything in life is about perspective. You take a step back, analyze the situation, measure the good and the bad, come up with a plan and most of all TAKE ACTION.

Keeping your head above water is about acknowledging the problem yes but also keeping your thoughts on what is beneath the surface. Once you apply this simple rule not only you’ll get to meet the better you (or a Donald Draper 2.0 who knows?!)

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What Do You Think?

Even though Donald Draper is a fictional character, we believe that he still has some “Life Goals” qualities that any man would like to emulate. Do you have another TV character in mind that you would like to get some keys to success from? If so, who is it?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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