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Come Celebrate Montreal Fashion & Network At Comospolitan Fashion Week

Montreal Fashion With Diversity & Uniqueness Montreal fashion is bubbling like never before. I remember a time and place where it would’ve sound nuts to ...

Sneaker Related: 5 Upcoming Sneakers You Need To Grab This Month

Upcoming Sneakers To Spice Up Your Collection The sneaker world is in a frenzy as usual and hard as it gets to keep track of ...

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Lamz Prank Might Be The Biggest Montreal Youtuber Here’s Why

If not the biggest, he's definitely the funniest Montreal Youtuber the city has!

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Views From The 6 With Daymon Green: From Introducing Rocawear In Canada & Creating @Community54

Daymon Green : When The Ogs Spit Game You Have To Listen! Daymon Green is definitely a genius in his field, humble, he never puts ...


Djiby Is An Independent Artist From Montreal You Should Stop Overlook

Meet Djiby; The Rap/RnB/Trap Chameleon  Djiby is a Hip-Hop/R&B Indie artist that personifies what G-R-I-N-D means. He was born in Senegal, grew up in Kuwait ...

Jean Pascal, Paul Byron, Gallagher & More Rock Vincent D’Amérique For Their Fall Collection

Vincent D’Amérique With The ”Tailored For Movement” Suits You’ve Dreamed Of Vincent D’Amérique is one of the leading brands in manufacturing menswear in Canada and has ...

Footlocker and The NBA Is Doing A Special Pop Up In Montreal & You’re Invited

A Trip Down Memory Lane With The NBA The NBA gave us so much gems when you think about it.  I guess it’s now safe to ...

I Use This Website To Check My Credit Score For Free Each Month!

A Website To Track Your Credit Score Monthly This morning, I’ve read the words : ”Check and monitor your credit score for free” on my ...