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From Montreal To Las Vegas: How Kate Hubley Became A Household Name In Jewely

Kate Hubley Tells A Story With Each And Every Stone A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege to meet to Kate Hubley. I use ...

Inside La Virée Des Ateliers Where Our Local Artisans Open Their Doors To Their Universe

La Virée Des Ateliers Gives You An Open Window To Arts & Entrepreneurship A couple weeks ago I was invited to the ”Virée Des Ateliers”, ...

Aldo Group Is Partnering Up With Lasalle College To Create A Program For Footwear Designers

This new program is a win for the creators where they get on-the-job training and theories at the same time.

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I Got Nominated For Gala Dynastie & Here’s How I Really Feel About It

How My World View Changed Thanks To Gala Dynastie If you’ve clicked this link to read an extensive article that would bash the Gala Dynastie ...

Sennheiser Is Having Huge Deals For Black Friday/Cyber Monday And our Ears Deserves This

Sennheiser: Sound Made Luxurious Black Friday/Cyber Monday  is right across the board and Sennheiser has decided to make this one special! When I just got ...

I’ve Turned 29 In Mexico City And It Changed My Life Here’s Why

Sometimes getting out the country helps you get out of your comfort zone!

There’s A Disco Festival Happening In Montreal And You Know You Want To Feel That Funk

A Disco Festival In Montreal? You Never Knew But You Actually Needed It I don’t know if I have too much ”That’s 70’s Show” or ...

Enjoy Some Chills Through Your Spine At This Haunted House Near Montreal

Foire De L’Horreur 2, The Haunted House Reinvented It’s that time of the year where you can test your nerves, see who’s really about that ...

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Views From The 6 With Daymon Green: From Introducing Rocawear In Canada & Creating @Community54

Daymon Green : When The Ogs Spit Game You Have To Listen! Daymon Green is definitely a genius in his field, humble, he never puts ...


Montreal Mural Arts Festival : Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Montreal Mural Arts Festival is here ! This is the 7th edition of the festival. It all started ...

Is There Actually A Sex Drought Going On In 2019?

A Funny Take On This Quote Unquote Sex Drought Thing I’m in her room, candles lit, Drake crooning in the background (a little weird but ...

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick New Brunswick For Your Next Vacations In Canada

New Brunswick is ''Canada's Ocean Playground'' and beyond its amazing landscape and out of this world seafood. There's more to this province than what you ...

Becoming A Jedi For 1 Hour Is One Of The Most Unusual & Fun Activities To Do In Montreal

Sometimes you stumble upon the most unsual and yet interesting things on the internet.