Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s Edition Of The Igloo Fest

Winter Is Coming…The Fun Too!

Everything You Need To Know About This Year  8217 s Edition Of The Igloo Fest

Fight The Winter Blues At Igloo Fest

cc: Peter Ryaux Larsen

cc: Peter Ryaux Larsen

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Fight the cold while having fun at the Igloo Fest . It’s that time of the year again during winter when we’re stuck with that winter blues and a weather that is way below zero. However , Montreal’s annual Igloo Festival gives us a very good reason to brave it out and have some fun in the cold.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Igloo Festival , it is an outdoor electronic music festival which has taken place in Old Port for the last eleven years (since 2006). There are a mixture of djs ( both local and internationally known), bars and activities. This year,Igloo Festival is running from January 12th, 2017 until February 19th 2017.

I attended Igloo festival on January 14th. If you have not had the opportunity to check it out yet, I highly recommend you do so before it ends.

Online Ticket Or Buying Tickets On Site?

My advice to you would be to check the weather before going. Try to obtain your tickets online to avoid longer lines and hold ups. Tickets are available on their website. They also sell tickets at the entrance but doing it online will save you time and the hassle of another line.

What To Wear?

If you’re planning on going to the Igloo fest, I suggest you to wear a lot of layers and 3- 4 pairs of socks. Do not wear anything else than winter boots (you’ve been warned). Trust me, your feet will thank us later. The floor is covered with snow in order to keep the winter theme authentic but it’s slowly and surely becomes a nightmare for sneaker lovers.

What To Do?

There is a serie of art installations before you enter the Igloo Festival. I suggest you to check it out or save it for later on your way home.

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This year’s set up consisted of 2 stages. The main stage is the “Sapporo stage” which is hard to miss. The 2nd stage is the “Videotron stage “ which is almost hidden beside the pavilion. You can enter the heated pavilion in which there are bathrooms, a bar, a phone charging station, a pop-up store selling Igloo Festival merchandise and there is also a live broadcast of the “ Videotron stage”.

The live broadcast is the perfect place to be if you are waiting for a friend or trying to warm up. You won’t miss out on the music while taking a break from outside.

There are many ice sculptures and bars, another merchandise hut and a food truck throughout the Igloo Fest grounds. If you have attended the previous editions, I personaly think that this year there are less activities than in the previous years. They have a section full of games which is located to the left of the “Sapporo Stage”.

cc: Denis Wong

cc: Denis Wong

Celebrate Your Style At Igloo Fest

I think these days the main focus of Igloo Fest is the music. This year, something that really caught my eye was what people were wearing. From onsies, to people decorated with lights , light up raver glasses, wolf hats to full on 80’s snow suits. Peoples’ outfits were very festive. If you’re in a festive mood but you don’t want to go the extra mile, you can always opt for just some glitter on your face.

If you feel up to the challenge there is a contest with prizes which is on going through out Igloo Festival. It’s called the ”Igloo Swag”. The main purpose of it is to express yourself and your style in the best way you can while keeping youself warm but also maintaining that “Igloo swag”. Let your creativity speaks for itself and win large!

cc: Peter Ryaux Larsen igloo style festival Montreal quebec glace

cc: Peter Ryaux Larsen

Igloo Festival will be ongoing until February 19th. You still have time before you miss out on the fun! Go out , dance and enjoy the rest of winter while you can !

cc: Denis Wong

cc: Denis Wong

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