3d Printing And The Future With La Presse 3d As The Leader

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3d Printing And The Future With La Presse 3d As The Leader

3d Printing : The Future In The Palm Of Your Hand!

La Presse 3D can tell you, when it comes to 3D printing, there’s always a way. Based right here in Montreal, Omar, Paul-Adrien and Mathias, the owners of La Presse 3D, met at the right time to share in the same vision.

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The name itself, “La Presse 3D“, was part of the very creation process of the company. While it wasn’t their first choice (Espace 3D being already in use), the owners chose “La Presse 3D” in part because its domain name was available, a crucial aspect when founding a company.

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cc : La Presse 3d

For those of you who don’t know, 3D printing is exactly what it sounds like. Using specialized printers, a world of possibilities opens up. It is now possible to print almost any object and the trend has now made itself to international runways. La Presse 3D despites it’s newness, is at the peak of 3D printing technology. La Presse 3D describes 3D printing on their website as “the capacity to replicate objects using a process of layering melted plastic in a pattern to form a design. The more advanced printers are capable of doing this with metals, ceramics, and organic tissue, however most people will likely find it useful for personal needs.”


In the year since these three young entrepreneurs have been active they have managed to become central to the industry in Montreal. Users looking to find 3D printing services use websites called 3D Hubs to search for them in their region. Each metropolitan area has it’s own Hub Mayor, based on reviews. Paul-Adrien, Omar and Mathias are not only La Presse 3D, but are also our very own local Hub Mayors and it is a very prestigious title. La Presse 3D currently has 150 hubs to oversee. As Mayors, they must answer questions, deal with any issues that may come up and bring the Montreal community together for frequent events. Some of what they propose includes workshops and guest speakers on specific topics.

cc : La Presse 3d

cc : La Presse 3d

La Presse 3D works both with companies in different industries as well individuals and help bring their ideas to life. They even have a design team who works with the client and helps guide them in the best direction. They can help you make any project into a reality, from an industrial mock-up to any fashion accessory you can think of.

cc : La Presse 3d

cc : La Presse 3d

They do more than just printing projects they can also create a miniature statue of anything be it animal, human or anything else through a process called 3D scanning. The subject is completely scanned from head to to print a miniature version of what was scanned. Through this process, La Presse 3D could offer pet scanning of your furry friend if you’re lookig for memorabilia or a gift.

cc : La Presse 3d

cc : La Presse 3d

La Presse 3D has recently started a game-changing recycling program using old or failed prints by shredding them into pieces. Although the industry already has little waste, they want to ensure they’re as efficent as possible. They also offer reduced rates to previous clients who return with unused prints and re-print the pieces at a reduced rate.

We were fortunate enough to be able to stop by and have a chat with the owners about their business.

What is your most popular request to print?

Paul Adrien:

The thing with 3D printing is that we can print almost anything. Anyone can come up with an idea. Mostly what we print is prototypes for companies. Let’s say there is a laboratory that wants to make a new shampoo, but they want to see how it looks before mass production. We can make a prototype. Or say there is a company who wants to make a device to add to their collection, but they want to see how it looks before. The prototypes are both very different from each other. It is difficult to have a common prototype. Apart from prototypes we have a lot of architects who come. For them the advantage of using 3D printing is that it’s faster, cheaper and it provides a prototype of the architectural model.

Omar: Our clients come from every different industry. We have manufacturing tools where we basically help companies develop 3D printed parts. For example we had this Jacuzzi piece that no longer existed on the market and we managed to recreate it, it was only missing one part. We also get requests for 3D models of people. It’s never the same thing getting re printed over and over.

Where do you see your company in the next three years?

Paul-Adrien : I really hope the recycling program will expand. We want the recycling program to become one of our key aspects. The 3D printing industry has low waste. I would like to see us recognized by Times magazine that we forever changed the industry by making it zero waste.

Mathias: In the next three years I see La Presse 3D developing into a key leader in the rapid prototyping industry in Montreal and beyond, as well as pioneering a movement of material recycling too in order to achieve our ultimate goal of zero waste manufacturing.

In three years we hope to expand nationally. Right now we are based out of Montreal, Quebec. Most of our cliental is from Montreal, some are from Paris. We want to at least cover the other Canadian provinces and try to become the center of the 3D printing boost that’s going to happen in Canada and North America. We want to be the next Canadian hub for 3D printing. We always are thinking of new ideas or applications for 3D printing that people have not thought of.

What projects are you currently working on?

Paul Adrien: We currently have several projects going on. One of them is a prototype for a new pair of glasses. The designer wants us to use flexible material. It is challenging, but also one of our specialties. We have several people who have requested a scan of themselves and a miniature statue. We are also building a plastic shredder to help with the recycling project. When we destroy the plastic into tiny pieces we want to have a machine that could help speed up the shredding process of the recycling program.

Our main focus right now is the recycling program. We are working on expanding our scanning network. We are planning on going to weddings where people can come up to us and get their scans or models printed. We are also planning on launching a jewelry line so people can bring their design to us. If they want to sell it we can publish it. Then people can order it. There is a lot going on. We are always trying to manage our time to work most efficiently.

Is there anything you are unable to print ?

Paul-Adrien : That’s the thing, not really. Anything humans can make can be 3D printed.

Omar: The bigger the 3D print, the more difficult it would be. I had a plan to design and print a drone a year ago , but it was very difficult to find the proper suppliers with the right material because it was just really difficult to industrially design the piece. But I would say there is nothing really hard to print itself.

What has been your favorite project so far?

Paul-Adrien : Working with a pharmaceutical company making prototypes. I have always wanted to enter the bio 3D printing in the medical area. That project was the closest thing. Knowing we had made a proto type for a bottle of medication was such a great feeling. I felt I was really contributing to something bigger.

Mathias: My favourite project so far has been reconstructing, piece by piece, Wall-E : the renowned Pixar robot. We had to 3D print and optimize several dozens of small pieces, that together assembled into a glorious looking Wall-E. Once the final product came about, everybody here at Presse 3D was extremely proud.

Omar: Printing animals. They’re just so cute and the prints come out really nice. As well a bathtub diverter , which was a model that no longer existed. It made me happy because I got to see the whole process , from a product that no longer existed to it being recreated.

Here’s an example of some of the printing they can do for you:


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