F**ck A New Year Resolution : 3 Ways To Change Your Life Today

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F  ck A New Year Resolution   3 Ways To Change Your Life Today

New Year Resolution Or New Bs?

Did you woke up on december 31st feeling like it was time for a new year resolution? Some changes needed to be done? Will you do them for real or victim to yourself?

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No matter how many times you will deny this, when january 1st shows up, its that time of the year where we think about all the things we want to change. Unfortunately, when the New Year, New Mehype is gone, the resolution is gone too.

Turn A New Year Resolution To A New Year Destination

Dont get me wrong, changes are healthy and necessary for growth in life. What irritates me is when nothing has been done since the time the quote on quote resolution has been made.

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com

Facebook statuses are flowing with catchy phrases like «New Year, New Me», «This Year I Will…» and the list goes on until your feed cant take it anymore.

My Own New Year Resolution

This year, my own resolution was quite simple : help as much people as I can with 1 single article. I’ve decided to start the year with a statement like «F””ck A Resolution» and provide our readers with a list of 5 ways they can improve their life today (because tomorrow is already too late)

1 Start A New Project

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As catchy as it sounds, my questions to you are : Do you have a passion? Do you want to start a new business? Do you want your A25 tickets to stop piling up? It all starts with 3 things : a detailed plan, self-discipline and the right motivation.

Detailed Plan

The best thing to do at first is to write EVERYTHING down so you have a clear idea of what you want to do and how you will do it. Write your goal on top of a sheet and write down 10 steps to achieve it and for each step you can also add substeps as you wish. Set a realistic deadline, update your gameplan through the process and keep track of your progress(easier said than done but you”ll make it).


What really works for me is a dose of motivationnal speeches when I wake up and a another dose when im about to sleep. The list can go on and on from Nino Brown,Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk. Self Talks during the day also until you get the habit of being upbeat and motivated.

Only lord knows how many times I repeated “Just Do It” in my head (Thank you Nike)


One simple quote I learned from the one and only Brian Tracy : “Do the things you should do whether you feel like it or not”. Write your important tasks down, use an app, reminders, post-its; everything that allows to go through day effectively is worth it.

2 Losin Weight

weight loss excercise gym strenght

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In 2016, being a “gym a rat” and “do you even lift?” were the cool things to say or to be and we all know what happens when something becomes trendy! Some people will do it because they enjoy it and others will do it to try to keep up with the trend(we all been there at least one time).

The best way to be consistent with your weight loss, in my opinion, is to participate in group training sessions or at least with a partner or a coach. In a group training, your coach monitors your progress, you get motivatd by your peers and the average 150$ it costs to sign up will make you think twice before skipping a workout( Econofitness or Buzzfit can still save your life)

Suggestion for weight loss advisers : Clinique Dermazone, Jay Train, Crossfit Montreal or type hashtag montreal trainer to find your next personal trainer.

3 Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The reason why some of us dont really get much done when it comes to our resolutions is because it requires us to move out of our comfort zone so much at times. Experiencing new things, visiting new places and meeting new people allow you to discover yourself and the world around you.

Each year, I write myself what I call a “weird list” in which I add 10 things to do for the year that will totally embarass me or force me out of my comfort zone.

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My suggestion is to add stuff that are not too extreme or not too dangerous but it has to be challenging enough to make you face your inner fears like never before!(If you wrote bungee in your personal list lets do it together)

To conclude on a more realistic note, I would like to add that no where in this article I mentionned that that it was easy to take action but you will be

Let me to know how do you feel about those 3 ways to change life today article or if you have more tips that I forgot. I challenge you to come back to this article 1 year after and tell us what you have accomplish!

PS: F**ck A Resolution

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