This Montreal Startup Is Reinventing Running Shoes For Men With Their Ecofriendly Sneaker

When the environment and your wardrobe are HAPPY!

This Montreal Startup Is Reinventing Running Shoes For Men With Their Ecofriendly Sneaker

Running Shoes For Men Made Ecofriendy

When it comes to running shoes for men, it’s like the Cinderella story, there’s only one pair made for you!

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Indeed, every runner, athlete, part-time-gym-goer and active person is looking for something different in a shoe.

Some like performance, some like style and others can careless as long as the quality is there (to each his own they say).

What I like in life is the middle grounds. I want it all, the performance, the aesthetics and something that I can feel comfortable wearing in and outside the gym.

Way Running is a startup from Montreal that made this middle ground happen and even beyond (as if it was possible).

Not only they’re reinventing running shoes for men but they’ve added a twist rarely seen before: they made it ecofriendly.

The sneaker giants of the world like to mass produce, turn to more stylish models and often lose track of what those sneakers are actually made for.

Way Running made their line of sneakers simple, sexy enough to the eye AND made out of recyclable materials.

way running, running shoes for men, montreal startup

Cc: Way Running


Indeed, no over the top logo and a simplicity is getting the job done here. Available in white, black or black and white, the sneaker is standing out mostly with the materials its made of.

Their first sneaker line is called Sustainable Runner and it’s definitely for a reason. It is made of Tencel, a vegetable fiber which allows greater performance, drying abilities and temperature control.

The sole and cushion are recyclable too and are conceived to allow the runner to stay neutral and have enough bounce effect while running.

Dmitry Rysakov, Mathieu Desjardins

Cc: Way Running

What really sparked my interest is that not only it’s a local product but it’s coming from the minds of 3 dedicated runners with over 10 years of experience in sports equipment.

What I also like about their approach is the fact that they motivate their customers to be more eco-responsible.

Once you’re done with the shoes, you can ship them back to Way Running so they can recycle them into something else.

For your effort, you get rewarded with a rebate on your next pair. Maybe you can’t see the long term impact as of now but I believe that if every sneaker company had this way of thinking, the world would be a better place already.

running shoes for men, way running, montreal startup, montreal sneakers

Cc: Way Running

The sneakers are not available for sale in stores as of now but you can get your hands on a pair by backing their kickstarter page.

You get your pair AND you become a part of the change; sounds like a sweet deal to me.

For more about those re-imagined running shoes for men, log on to their page and see the process for yourself here : The Way Running Project .

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