5 Youtube Channels To Activate The Right Side Of Your Brain (And Kill Time Too!)

Youtube Is The Plug

5 Youtube Channels To Activate The Right Side Of Your Brain  And Kill Time Too

Youtube Is The Number 1 Source To Find Other Creatives,Thinkers & Entertainers That Will Change Your Life

I’ve said it many times and no offense to my current circle but Youtube is my best friend since 2008 (still undisputed).

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They say that we will all spend 33% of our life sleeping, I think my favourite hip hop videos or motivational stuff will easily fill the rest of the 67% (seriously)

All jokes aside, when you take away the cat videos, the TMZ look-a-likes and not-so-funny comedy skits, Youtube is a goldmine of powerful creatives, thinkers and thoughtful entertainers.

Today, we will overview 5 Youtube channels that will activate the right side of your brain in terms of creativity, entertainment and knowledge!

1 Dj Akademiks

Dj akamediks

Cc: dj akademiks

If you’re not familiar already, Dj Akademiks is the godfather of a new form of hip hop’s journalism. This famous youtuber will help you understand on a deeper level what’s going on in the hip hop world.

He uses satire and sometimes controversial comments to describe the latest hip hop news. When you really think about it, he literally says out loud what everybody else would hush. So if you want the dive in hip hop’s culture in a funny way, he’s the go to guy!

2 Before They Were Famous

Before they were famous

Cc: before they were famous

“Before They Were Famous” is the closest thing you will find that looks like an actual tv show on Youtube. Indeed, Michael Mccrudden documents the life of your favorite celebrities with the same accuracy than a MTV documentary!

What I like the most about this show is the fact that he introduces his audience to those celebrites in their “rags to riches” phase with an incredible amount of facts that you actually didn’t know about them.

It’s those kind of shows that inspires you and give you keys to figure how you can be successful too.

PS: Micheal Mccrudden also allows his subscribers to choose the next celebrity he will talk about which is extremely dope!!

3 Ted Talks

Ted talks

Cc: Ted Talks

If you’re into self-improvement (like you should be) well Ted Talks will uplift your spirit like never before! Ted Talks invite speakers from all over the world to open up about various topics from how to be successful, how to overcome fear, obstacles and many other life hacks you never thought about.

What I like about Ted Talks is the fact that it opens up your perspective based on someone else’s life experience. Sometimes it even feels like the speaker is actually talking to you especially if the topic resonates with your current situation.

If you’re really into self-improvement without all the guru nonsense floating around all over the web, Ted Talks is the channel to subscribe to.

4 People Are Awesome

People are awesome2

Cc: People are awesome

Extraordinary people know how to push their limits everyday and we finally have a channel to showcase that in a daily basis. “People Are Awesome” is a youtube channel where you can witness human potential in his purest forms.

From sports exploits, artistic masterpieces and many other amazing examples of how “people are awesome”. This channel will give you ideas, stimulate your mind and often leave you in a “WTF” moment.

5 Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas youtube channel

Cc: Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is like that football coach you wished you could’ve have for the rest of life. He’s a motivationnal speaker that managed to overcome homelessness and became successful even though he had to start by getting a G.E.D in his late 20’s.

Eric Thomas will always tell YOU the harsh reality you don’t want to hear even though you HAVE to hear it. He delivers the undeniable truth about lazyness, success and motivation; the same truths we tend to ignore because it’s too hard to swallow.

PS: He speaks very loudly so you might have to turn down the volume a bit or grab some earphones when you’re in public.

We hope this selection of youtube channels will help you unleash your creativity or found some inspiration to achieve your goals. Tell us what do you think about this selection in the comment section. Do you have other youtube channels in mind?

Let Us Know In The Comment Section Now!

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