Make The New With The Old: How Bloom Clothing Picks Used Clothes To Make Pieces Of Art

Make The New With The Old  How Bloom Clothing Picks Used Clothes To Make Pieces Of Art

Used Clothes, A Mission For The Environment And A Fashion Statement All In One

With our overall fascination for over-consumption, it seems like for some of us the idea of either having or buying used clothes would be unthinkable. Fast fashion has stuck its bloody teeth in our day to day habits and now more than ever the world is going through a crisis just to make that 9.99$ t-shirt you buy at H&M.

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In the midst of all this, there is a new upcoming wave of designers that are really concerned about the impact of their work on different levels

They think about all the sweatshops stories we grew up with. The women and kids exploited there.

They think about the heavy price the environment pays whenever fabric is made.

They think about their message as artists and they see themselves as social entrepreneurs.


Angelina Alvarez-Soto is a leader of that new wave.

Indeed, the self-taught designer made it her mission to sensitize her customers about eco-friendly clothes.

Not by trying her best to reduce pollution, nor by monitoring factories or any trick of the trade that corporations get away walk.

I’m talking bout a real commitment by giving used clothes a second life.

It’s like thrifting with a twist.

Not only you get pieces that are rare but the designer adds her own twist to it.

Sorta like a signature or an art piece you get to walk with.

Eclectic, original, current and outside box, this what her brand called Bloom brings to the table.

Here are some of our favorite pieces

Credit: Jay Simon

used clothes, bloom clothing line,Angelina Alvarez-Soto; used clothes

used clothes

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As part of the launch of her collection, the 24 years old designer teamed up with actors Antoine Desrochers, Maxime Gibeault and personnality Maxime Cooper to raise awareness about what Bloom is all about.

With a couple events and possible pop-ups down the line, I’m adding this brand to my ”To Watch For” list and you should TOO!

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