The Book Club: 3 Designers Biographies That Every Fashion Enthusiasts Should Know By Heart

Time To Update Your “To Read” List!

The Book Club  3 Designers Biographies That Every Fashion Enthusiasts Should Know By Heart

3 Designers Biographies That Will Change Your Life!

Sometimes Designers live in a world that seems tainted by superficiality and hype but when the smoke clears and you take the time to read those designers biographies; you realize that they are human beings too!

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In order to be prepared to provide our audience the best content ever in terms of fashion, we’ve searched through some of the biggest brands and designers to understand their philosophy and how they have impacted fashion.

Rather than only look through blogs, we’ve decided to stay old school with it and read those designers biographies instead. What came out of that approach was an an impressive amount of insights of what shaped their art and why they became successful.

Today, we will present 3 designers biographies that every fashion enthusiasts should know by heart, wheter they’re looking for inspiration or keys to success in life!

1. Shoe Dog By Phil Knight (Not A Designer But He Discovered A Lot Of Them)



Phil Knight is the founder of Nike and even though this company is the biggest thing in the shoe world now, they had humble beginnings too!

In this biography, Knight opens up about the early stages of Nike before it was even called by that name. Nike had many struggles before and little did we know, they’ve created this company solely because they were about to be fired from a previous shoe supplier.

It’s those kinds of biography take makes you learn your history, what it takes to be successful and it leaves you with the impression that you can achieve something incredible as well. We also learn more about their innovation process that got them on top for so long.

Shoe Dog” delivers an honest portray of what every entrepreneurs that evolve around the fashion business will have to endure to make it in the industry.

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2. Hubert De Givenchy : Entre Vie Et Legende (French Only)

hubert the givenchy biography book french designer high end luxury brand

cC: Hubert De Givenchy’s Cover from the book “Hubert de Givenchy : Entre Vie Et Legende

Why high end luxury fashion brands survived the test of time so easily? Even Hip Hop artists make many references to Dior or Channel but what all those brands have in common?

I think they all had iconic designers like Hubert De Givenchy to mark history with their genius and make them relevant to this day. Givenchy is the perfect designer to study first because he was  there when all the greats were at their peak!

In this biography, Givenchy takes us back in time and bring us to the golden era where taste and refinery was a mark of nobility and success. He makes us discover Dior & Channel through the perspective of a student and a friend.

Most of all,  it explains why those designers shaped fashion as we know it now, from the fabrics to the shape of the clothes!


3. Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out by Marc Ecko

marc ecko unlabel complex news ecko unlimited designer


Some of ya’ll may think that Ecko Unlimited wasn’t really a thing but I think it’s because they never took enough credit for their work or impact on the fashion industry

Marc Ecko is also the founder of Complex Magazine which is now one of the biggest media outlet in Hip Hop & street fashion. Here is A funny fact that we discovered in the book: Complex was originally created to promote Ecko Unlimited products!

This graffiti artist turned designer came in the industry with one thing in mind: transcend his passion for graffiti into clothing.  This same idea made him work with various celebrities, developing video games around his brand and now expanding his activities into a media outlet.

I think this book can teach any fashion enthusiast how to open their mind to different possibilities and ventures to dive in. He also delivers his keys to success in business in that book!


Be Inspired & Take Action

The book club is a way for us to help our readers to discover new things or to open up their minds to a larger perspective. Did you know about the designers we’ve introduced today?

If by any chance you get to read one of those books please let us know what about your experience!



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