Discover 5 Hip Hop Fashion Statements That Are Still Relevant To This Day!

Hip Hop Hooray!

Discover 5 Hip Hop Fashion Statements That Are Still Relevant To This Day

Why Does Some Hip Hop Fashion Statements Survive The Test Of Time?

When it comes to style, we clearly have to thank some of our favorite rappers for the Hip Hop fashion statements they made early in the 90’s and 2000’s. Yves St-Laurent said this famous line :

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” and a couple decades later it still applies!

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Hip Hop is much more than music as you know. We’ve seen countless of artists, movements and trends coming from this culture which make Hip Hop one of the most impactful music genre of all time.

Today we will overview some of the most iconic Hip Hop fashion statements that have survived the test of time.

#1-Tupac’s Bandana & Nose Ring

tupac hip hop fashion statements nose ring bandana montrealgotstyle

Cc: Celebrity Height and Weight-

Bandanas have been around since forever but Tupac had this “je ne sais quoi” when he used to rock them. It was more than a tissue with designs, it was his signature.

Tupac was a rebel at heart and he wanted the world to be aware of that. I always felt like his bandanas were more than just a fashion statement to him, it was a symbol of his revolution. Simply put, Chevarra had the beret, Malcom X had the glasses and Tupac had the bandana.

As for the nose ring, even though today it seems like a small statement, Tupac was very avant-gardist with this choice of accessory. Hip Hop at that time wasn’t as tolerant as it is today especially if you rocked something that was quote on quote “for ladies”.

#2-Biggie Smalls’ Coogi Sweater & Jesus Piece

biggie notorious b .i .g bad boy records

Cc: Biggie Smalls

Biggie is definitely one of my top 5 artists when it comes to Hip Hop. Unfortunately, a few people acknowledge the “One More Chance” emcee for his sense of style.

Regardless of his size, Biggie knew how to carry himself and still have an aura that matched his incredible confidence. Whether he’ll admit or not, I always believed that Rick Ross had his swagger from Biggie.

The Coogi sweater was much more than a rhyme in “Big Poppa“, it became a tradition in the Hip Hop community. From rappers to rappers, regardless of their city, background or style, they all know that wearing this particular sweater is an homage to Biggie.

The Jesus Piece is a tradition in itself also, it’s hard to pinpoint who rocked it first but Biggie definitely had something to do with the fact that it gained popularity as  fast as lightning even to this day (remember the wood version introduced by Jay Z a couple years ago?).

#3-50 Cent & The Durag (believe it or not, it’s actually coming back!)

50 cent durag fahsion montrealgotstyle

Cc: Get Rich Or Die Trying

We can debate on this all we want but 50 cent was the UNDENIABLE king of the durag back in 2003. I was always amazed about how many times or ways he found to rock them. It would match his clothes, stay under a hat or he would let it loose with a headband on top of it.

The reason why the durag even made the list is because we couldn’t help but think about Channel’s strange attempt to make it a high end product 2 years ago. Indeed, they branded it as the “Urban Tie Cap” which is hilarious in itself right?

Twitter Savages came out of the trenches on this one!

We’ve been to New York recently and it felt like 2003 wherever we were going to. Believe me when I say this, the “Urban Tie Cap” or durag as we call it will eventually come back (ironically enough, “I got a feeling“-Black Eyed Peace is playing in the background as I’m writing this).

#4- Rappers And Their Obssession For Sportswear

snoop dogg gin and juice montrealgotstyle

Cc: Gin & Juice Video by Snoop Doog

I don’t know if Nike and Adidas really acknowledge that but I always felt like a major part of their commercial success is the fact that Hip Hop and streetwear culture have embraced their products. Sneakers, jerseys, track suits and crewnecks were initially made to enhance athletes’ performances.  Just imagine what would be your style now without any of these!

That’s the real power of Hip Hop. Rappers or groups like N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan & more have contributed a lot to implement sportswear in their day to day style. Today brands like Puma can even make it to Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week which is amazing!

Reminder: Let’s not forget that MLB hats really took off when Hip Hop came in the picture!

5# Extravagant Jewellery

jay z jazz-o jewelry hip hop montrealgotstyle

Cc: Jay Z

We got to give this to rappers, they made jewellery a significant aspect of the Hip Hop culture. grills, rings, rope chains and anything made of gold or diamonds have impacted fashion in so many different ways.

Of course we don’t really recommend you to have a multiple chains around your neck but adding some discrete accessories and jewellery is a good option to give your outfits a finishing touch.

Hip Hop Hooray!

Beside the durag’s comeback jokes, it’s amazing to see how Hip Hop brought so many things to the table fashion wise. I personaly feel like sometimes those Hip Hop fashion statements doesn’t get enough recognition in the fashion world and this lends us  to stuff like the “Urban Tie Cap” (we need explanations Channel!).

Do you think there are other trends that Hip Hop contributed to bring to the scene? What do you think about our selection Hip Hop fashion statements? Would you still rock them or not?

Let us know in the comment section now!



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