The Ultimate Dos And Don  8217 ts Of The Perfect Urban Man

The Ultimate Dos And Don’ts Of The Perfect Urban Man

#7 Is A Game Changer

Here Are The Rules To Follow To Become A Better Urban Man!

As an urban man the first rule you need to know is this : “YOU set the rules”. However, there’s a couple dos and don’ts you need to follow in order to enhance your style, way of thinking and your life in the process.

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Being an urban man is more than just a label or a cool thing to say; it’s a way of life. From the way you think to the way you dress; there are dos and don’ts to follow religiously.

Today we will overview the ultimate dos and dont’s of the perfect urban man (and yeah you gon learn today buddy!)

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1. Open-mindedness

Sometimes we reassure ourselves by sticking to what we know. Long term this can be very dangerous because we’re not receiving new information, ideas or point of views that could’ve been game changers.

Open-mindedness allows you to be in the loop because you don’t judge the messenger; you judge the message itself.

Open-mindedness allows you to see opportunities where people see obstacles and at the end this will give you an upper edge on anybody who quits when it gets tough.

2.The “Outside The Box” Factor

Similar to open-mindedness the “Outside The Box” factor is something you can’t neglect.

Society establishes norms and rules to follows and if you really take your time to dissect what extraordinary are made of; you realize that they all think outside of the box.

Dump the “Everybody Knows This” and trade it for “What If People Were Wrong?”. By questioning what you’ve accepted as common knowledge, you will find your own truth and learn to think for yourself.

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3.Don’t Believe The Hype

You have to be a trendsetter at all cost. The mindset you set for yourself will eventually allow you to avoid the pitfall of following trends or doing what everybody else does.

This specifically applies to your daily style. Instead of camping outside for the hot releases that everybody will wear you should try to check for upcoming brands that deserve to be discovered instead!

Don’t believe us?! Is there anyone playing Pokémon Go these days?

4.Be Inspired But Do NOT Copy

In the 10 urban man commandments, this could be #1 as well!

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5.Talk Less Do More

The digital world is phenomenal but I firmly believe that it stopped people from taking action in real life.

It’s funny how people can use 140 characters to explain what their plan is but they would rarely use 10 minutes of their day to get it done.

An urban man is doer not a talker!

6.Live & Learn (Not Always In The Same Order)

We have to lose this false perception that we can control everything in life. Whether you admit it or not sometimes “Life Happens“.

Even though we can’t control this chain of events we commonly call life, we can control the way we interpret and react to them.

As simplistic as it sounds, everything is a learning process. When something bad happened instead of beating yourself over it try to seek for what lesson you can get from this experience.

I mean literally force yourself to find something to learn from that experience in order to feel like at least you’ve gained something from it. The glass is either half full or half empty, you choose.

On my end, my ups and downs in my dating life allowed me to pinpoint the 20 Things I Wished I Never Wore On A 1st Date which turned our to be a great article years later!

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7.Stay Fresh But Don’t Brag About The Price Tag

It all goes back to #3 but there’s a twist. People have the misconception that using high end products is a mark of success or taste when it’s not the case actually.

Taste is about knowing how to put things together in harmony while setting trends by making the world discover new things. Taste is also about recognizing what’s dope regardless of the price.

Even though it may seems crazy for some of our readers but a lot of the most effective outfits you see in magazines are coming straight for the local thrift shops and not Holt Renfrew.

8.Keep Your Style Clean & Your Mind Too

First impressions are the last and whoever told you the opposite was just trying to make you feel good (seriously).

Make sure your style fits your personality, what you want to project and adjust it for any kind of occasions.

When it comes to your mind, a perfect urban man knows how to keep himself away from his negative thoughts or ego.

Nobody likes an asshole anyway!

9.Believe In Your Greatness And Uplift Others

Self-confidence is the key but nothing beats the feeling of giving back and helping someone.

10. Eat, Sleep, Repeat

No matter what you do in life, you have to care of your health first. Your body is temple and without it none of those previous rules can apply.

Learn about how to stay fit, how to eat and live better. Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of grinding and focusing on the future rather than the present moment.

Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow!

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