Montreal Turned To 8 Mile Last Week At Da Main Source 2nd Year Anniversary |Event Recap|

We Saw Poppa Doc Too!

Montreal Turned To 8 Mile Last Week At Da Main Source 2nd Year Anniversary  Event Recap

Da Main Source, Home Of The Rap Gods!

Da Main Source and especially the DMS Battle Ring is defintiely the place to be to fully understand the underground scene in Montreal. When I think about Montreal I like to see it as a diamond in the rough. So much culture, so much history, so much to discover and most of all so much T-A-L-E-N-T.

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Admit it or not but our local rappers did extremely well this year in terms of project releases, views, shows and something rarely seen before : mixtape or album sales.

I think the rise of several talented videographers and media outlets dedicated to the local scene played a huge part. The team behind Da Main Source is definitely a key movement in the urban scene and contributed in their own way with their powerful rap battle league and online presence.

Last week we were invited to the 22nd edition of “DMS Battle Ring” and also their second year anniversary. I can tell you from the get go, that this is another historical moment for the city.


As usual,Da Main Source went the extra mile for the occasion by putting together a crazy lineup of some of the hardest upcoming battle rappers from the city. On the menu they had clever punchlines flying all over the place, Live performance over live performance, battle after battle and you could tell from the energy that this battle rap league became the home of a strong hip hop community.

As the highlight of the event,they also brought ou JC, a notorious battle rapper from the states. He crossed the border in order to step up to the ring against Montreal‘s golden boy of battle rap : Krome! We had the opportunity to interview both performers before and after their battle.

Watch Krome’s Exclusive Interview Here


Believe it or not, DMS Battle Ring is actually the first ever billangual rap battle league in the world and based on the crowd’s reaction after each punchlines; either anglophones or francophones will keep asking for more in the years to come!

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