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Everything You Need To Know About Montrealgotstyle!

First of all, Montrealgotstyle started as an instagram page and a facebook page that covered the fashion, the lifestyle and the culture around Montreal. Rather than staying active only on social medias we decided to create this new web platform.  We’re a blog and marketing agency that works day after day to provide the best platform to promote and share our city’s cutlure.

The Mission Of Montrealgotstyle

Besides being a blog, what sets us apart is the cultural diversity that we feature. Also the fact that we have a close relationship with our online community. In addition, we work hand in hand with key players in Montreal to promote it the right way. We look for local brands and local businesses around the city to help them create the image and the marketing strategies that fit their needs.

Most of all, we believe that Montreal can easily be called Canada’s fashion capital. Therefore, the people in this city are stylish and are not afraid to experiment with the latest trends. Due to the rising number of fashion influencers, we felt like we should build a platform to give them a voice. Montreal is definitely a great place to discover upcoming designers, artists and entrepreneurs to gain inspiration from.

Why Choosing Us?

In conclusion, as a reader of Montrealgotstyle, you will become up to date about what’s hot on the Montreal’s fashion scene. In addition you will be well informed also about the artistic and cultural scene and everywhere else in the world. Montreal is also a cultural hub, where people from all over the world pay homage to their culture via fashion, art and style.

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