Meet The Blogger: Petrona Joseph «From Your Macbook To Your Tv Screen»

The Queen Of Blogging Has Arrived!

Meet The Blogger  Petrona Joseph   From Your Macbook To Your Tv Screen

Petrona Joseph Didn’t Choose The Blog Life, The Blog Life Chose Her

Blogging is way of life for many people around the world and especiallly Montrealers like Petrona Joseph. We Like to interview your favourite bloggers and make you learn a little more about the world of blogging in the process.

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This month our first «Meet The Blogger» serie is dedicated to Petrona Joseph, a blogger that creates the bridge between Montreal and New York by showcasing their similar lifestyle and fashion with her platform Slayeditnewyork. Her journey is amazing and definitely inspiring as her platform is now expanding to television networks such as Breakfast Television.

How You Got Started In Blogging?

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“Blogging is something I fell into, it wasn’t in the blueprint of any of my plans. I am a writer by nature, and essentially – “-Petrona Joseph.

In 2015, when my salary was cut in half while I worked at Park Avenue BMW, I made the choice to walk away and to acquire my own business. Becoming a store owner was my greatest experience and my greatest downfall. I lost every dollar in my name and about 20k of my father’s.

It was in my deep depression that I felt the call to be a Writer more intensely. I never had a break in my life, so for the first time I had nothing to do when I closed the store. I stayed locked up at home, secluded and closed off from the world. So when a fellow Blogger invited me to an event, she said it was an intervention. She urged me to no longer wallow in self-pity and get out of the house.

I started to attend more and more events, to connect with people and write some articles about my experience. The attraction was instant and it gave me the confidence to pursue this new passion on a deeper level. Blogging was definitely something I could do naturally and showcasing the lifestyle, fashion and culture of both New York & Montreal was something I had in mind for a while since I always felt like I had the eye to spot hot trends, designers or places to go.

What Did Your Learn From Your Experience?


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Fast forward to 2017, I am a certified Blogger. I like to think that writing healed my soul. New levels of social interaction also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and develop a new business.

Blogging is a business for me now. I took my experience of Sales, Business Development, Customer Service and merged them into blogging as a service.

What’s Next For Petrona Joseph?

Today we’re celebrating our first year as a platform and I can’t wait to take it to next step which is television with my new serie called «Petrona’s Picks».






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