Meet Le Cartel Clothing, The Brand That Unites Art And Fashion

When Art & Fashion Collide!

Meet Le Cartel Clothing  The Brand That Unites Art And Fashion

Le Cartel Clothing : A Brand For Artists

Le Cartel Clothing is a brand we discovered last week at Mural Festival. Their stand at the festival was already a mark of a deep sense of creativity that sparked the interest of the attendants easily.

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 We were curious about what this brand was all about so we decided to speak directly to their team. I remember I was reading an article about the fact that streetwear was dying because emerging brands don’t care about their message behind their brand anymore well this is definitely not the case for Le Cartel.

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Cc: Trilla Photography

When Art And Fashion Collide

Personnaly, I never imagined that art and fashion were two seperated things and the founders of Le Cartel took this idea to the next level. Indeed, once a month they promote a local or an international visual artist whether it’s a photographer, a painter, a designer and etc. They literally print a piece from the artist on their t-shirts and they also offer him or her  a commission.

We love to see artists and fashion designers support each like that, it was about time! Streetwear creates a thin line between artists and fashion designer and Le Cartel Clothing definitely understands that principle. Out of all their pieces, it’s their special collabs that sparked our eyes first!

They even go the extra mile by showcasing their collaboration with the artist at concerts, art fairs or any event that can provide exposure for their brand and the artist. We had the opportunity to talk directly to the founder of the brand : Mr Pierre Sauvage. In this interview he opens up more about what are the motives and mission the overall mission of their brand.

Exclusive Interview With Pierre Sauvage, founder of Le Cartel Clothing




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