Unleash Your Inner Artist & Creativity With Art Jam Vol 10

This Is What Happens When Local Artists Unite!

Unleash Your Inner Artist   038  Creativity With Art Jam Vol 10

Art Jam Is Where The Creatives Link Up

Art Jam is a monthly event that is held by GoodVibePeople at Nomad Nation(129 Avenue Van Horne).

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GoodVibePeople itself is an artist agency that hosts many creative events collaborating with artists and entrepreneurs in the city of Montreal.

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Cc: Charlotte Violetta

I attended Art Jam’s 10th edition on March the second. Each edition varies in what artists and performances will be presented to you. The cover for Art Jam is $7 after 9:00pm ( if you arrive before, it is free).

You might be wondering what exactly is Art Jam? It is a creative event where innovative minds can meet and express themselves through different forms of art. You may think “ I’m not creative enough for this”. Well, Art Jam is for everyone. Even if you are not participating, you will be immersed in art all around you. The art at the 10th edition came in all forms including painting, drawing and live tattooing.

The music further helps enhance the experience for you at Art Jam.

party movie beats crowd edm

cC: Charlotte Violetta

mural designer producer music vibe

cC: Charlotte Violetta

The environment itself was very easy-going and open. The five artists I paid the most attention to were : Mephisto Bates who painted a beautiful collage ; Charles Boulay’s wall of graffiti ; Vanessa Malo’s floor art and South Shore Zzombie’s (Anastasia Fadous) painting. And last, but not least, Loose Your Bananas art installation.

I also got the opportunity to actively participate on a canvas that was set up on the wall for the guests to participate and express themselves through drawing whatever they felt like. You could draw as much or as little as you wanted.

art installation event montreal artistic scene

cC: Charlotte Violetta

self expression art draw paint

cC: Charlotte Violetta


cC: Charlotte Violetta

If you feel like doing something different for a night out I definitely recommend dropping by the next Art Jam in April. You will enjoy the creative experience offered to you. Keep your eyes open for the next date on GoodVibePeople’s website !

The following Artists participated :



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cC: Charlotte Violetta


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