2 Designers That Made #Fashionpreview16 A Love At First Sight Experience |EVENT RECAP|

We Saw Napalm On The Runway!

2 Designers That Made  Fashionpreview16 A Love At First Sight Experience  EVENT RECAP

We Saw Napalm On The Runway Of Fashion Preview 16!

«Fashion Preview 16» was definitely a «love at first sight» experience for many reasons. Every year this fashion show brings together underground and established designers in order to celebrate the love for fashion and discover the scene’s best kept secrets.

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This year between all the talented designers they had in store, there are two of them that really stood out to me : Lasalle College and Claudette Floyd.

College Lasalle

Cc: Damali Gordon

Cc: Damali Gordon

Cc: Damali Gordon

Cc: Damali Gordon

In an effort to raise awareness to the overload of unsold and returned stock, Lasalle College students put together a collection of re-purposed white men‘s dress shirts.
Placing a modern twist on a classic look, dozens of students showcased their redefinition of wealth and happiness through their creative vision and talent for intricate design. A crowd favourite (I’m sure) was a young male model of about 5 years old who happily strutted down the Fashion Preview runway along with a handful of other child models among the cast. It was quite interesting how each model remained standing on a stack of tied-up card board metaphorically referring to the 30% of mass-produced clothes constantly being returned, unsold. Un-used.

Claudette Floyd


Cc: Damali Gordon

Fashion Preview 16

Cc: Damali Gordon

Montreal-raised designer Claudette Floyd displayed an impressive Spring 2017 line detailing her expertise in creating elegance in evening wear and timeless cocktail dress Claudette featured feminine structured pieces donning dreamy prints, bold colours, minimalist silhouettes; textures and appliqued sheer. The show was stolen by sweeping pastel pinks, oversized, flared cuffs, vibrant red ruffles and stunning creations such as wide-legged pant suits in classic black and white. Maintaining the concept of being ‘feminine forever’, the Claudette brand creates timeless and romantic pieces. Claudette by Claudette Floyd shop is located at 3971 St. Laurent Boulevard.

Question Of The Day

What are your thoughts about Fashion Preview 16? Any designers you think should’ve been mentionned too?


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