Malik Shaheed : A Decade Of Versatility

The Hype Creator Is In The Building!

Malik Shaheed   A Decade Of Versatility

Malik Shaheed, The Hip Hop Pioneer!

Malik Shaheed represents a special era in Montreal, today we celebrate his work as an entertainer, a promoter, a vj and a lot of other hats he wore throughout his career.

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He allowed us to enter his world for an exclusive interview. We tried our best to show the world a different side of Malik Shaheed, the man, and throughout the process he gave us many insights and knowledge on his amazing journey. Hear it today yourself from Quebec’s number 1 entertainment insider!

 The Celibrity Interviewer

In the course of his career, Malik Shaheed had the oppotunity to give interviews to celebrities such as Eminem, 50 cent, Kanye West, Pink, Jason Derulo and Trey Songz just to name a few. Now focus on his project: The Malik Shaheed Show, this interview is an overview of his career, his new goals and his message for the youth. This is basically a conversation with the man that took the urban culture of Montreal on his shoulders and shared it with the world.

Inside The Interview

It’s amazing to see public figures take the time to reach back and teach their audience what it takes to fill their shoe. In this intimate interview we spoke about many aspects of his work.  We discussed about his journey as a club promoter, his rise to MusiquePlus and work as a youth advocate. He also opens up about a possible career in politics and  why he stayed in Quebec instead of going elsewhere.

Watch Our Exclusive Interview

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