The Nike Air Max Bus : A Museum To Rediscover The Air Max Like Never Before!

You Had To Be There!

The Nike Air Max Bus   A Museum To Rediscover The Air Max Like Never Before

The Nike Air Max Bus : Awesomeness In Motion For A Sneakerhead!

Thanks to our correspondent, Jaffy from Soleexchange Canada, we were at the front row to witness another page written in the sneaker world’s history inside the Nike Air Max Bus.

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The iconic Air Max 1 shoe was celebrating his 30th anniversary in Toronto last week-end with a over thousand sneaker enthusiasts willing to fight the cold for the occasion. As you already know, when you hit the big 30, you have to do it big!

For this special celebration, Nike wanted to make the experience memorable, historical and exclusive. They took a tour bus and totally revamped it to make it look like the original 1987 shoebox that was first released when the Air Max 1 came out.

Nike air max interivew kwame

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

Inside the tour bus, they made sure the attendees could go back in time and remember all the different ideas, creatives and overall mission behind the creation of the Air Max.

You could instantly feel like going to a museum just by looking at the rare sneakers inside glasses with their specific names and release dates. They also added a wall called “The Revolution Never Ends” in which they reconstructed the entire genealogy of the shoe and the different designers behind each release.

In the following video, we will let their amazing guide, Mr Kwame, show you a full visit of the bus and learn more about the history behind the Nike Air Max!

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Since the Air Max day is coming March 26th, we would like to know what is your favorite pair of Air Max and why?

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