5 Montreal Content Creators Making The Web A Better Place

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5 Montreal Content Creators Making The Web A Better Place

Montreal Creators Are Up Next!

Montreal content creators are now making their presence felt more than ever with incredible ideas and a cult-like following. From podcasts, blogs, Youtube channels and different forms of content, there are a thousand voices making this city a better place.

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Montreal is a melting pot in term of culture, food and fashion. From east to west, north to south, we have creators who translate our city’s spirit through their own lens and creativity.

Today, we will present you 5 Montreal content creators you need to know and follow to for their creative input.

#1 FM2Mag

Website: fm2mag.com

FM2Mag is a collective of creatives coming together to create content ”From Montreal For Montreal”. They offer you a visual experience through editorials, interviews and creative projects that bring you inside Montreal’s culture closely.

The urban community often receives the cold shoulder. FM2Mag is here to set the record straight and bring light to a community often left behind or totally ignored.

Their creative input is undeniable and their content focuses on quality visuals that takesyou in the moment like we rarely see in other publications.

From musicians, photogs and multi-faceted artists you need to discover, this magazine curates and gives you a better idea of who is who in Mtl.

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Sometimes, I say things

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#2 KosiCreates

Website: montrealgotstyle.com

As a content creator for Montrealgotstyle, Kosicreates has a special eye as a curator and creator. From lifestyle content, inspiration pieces, wild parties, fashion content and web series concepts. He translates the Montreality with a unique perspective.

KosiCreates is also a part of various projects and initiatives that impacts different sub-communities. He was there for the early beginnings of platforms such as ”Tout Le Hood En Parle”, contributed to the Hip Hop  scene with visuals for DMS Battle Ring.

His quest to build bridges between MTL and the rest of the world made him cross the border several times. Now an insider at Agenda Trade Show, a key correspondent with Reverend Alp Sharpton‘s Organization and different creatives in the United States.

Kosi brought back gem interviews from cultural entrepreneurs such as Mr Throwback, Damon Green (community54), Dapper Dan & many more. All of this to inspire the city into becoming the worldwide phenomenon it has the potential to be!


One of his best content to date was a capsule he did while experimenting ”Vision Portraits”.  The point is to partake in a photoshoot with the mindset and look you would have if you already made it.

#3 Carmelo Gp

Website: carmelogp.com

Carmelo’s feed is like a visual trip to a GQ magazine. Outfit ideas, bold, colorful and creative just how we like it. This Montreal content creator is also the perfect fashion insider to follow since he’s taking part into major events such as New York Fashion Week and presents upcoming trends you need to get your hands on.

Carmelo is on point also for everything surrounding grooming, architecture and arts. Social media is about sharing what you love but his edge is the fact that he can also educate is audience about his passions.

His content is an open window into a fashion enthusiast/foody and trust me you can’t get more Montreal than that!

The One, Like Neo. The Son, Of Neil.

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#4 Tyler Lemco

Tyler Lemco will probably become your favorite storyteller/content creator after reading this. From his wrestling series called ” High-Risk Maneuverer” in which he goes back in time to reenact wrestling key moments or more recently with his new show called ”High With Ty”,.

Tyler Is Always Up To Something.

Fun fact, Lemco ran for mayor of Montreal last year and actually qualified!  This goes to show that Montreal content creators are much more than creators; they actually want to be a part of the solution.

Funny, provocative, informational at times and 100% creative.  He understands the pulse of subcultures and he translates that very well through his camera presence and overall charisma.

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#5 Kevin Calixte  (french content)

Kevin Calixte and his team are bringing something very valuable to the table, a show to talk about the ”REAL SH*T”. An initiative coming from the growing frustration of the black community for a lack of representation in mainstream media, The Keke Show embodies everything at the same time.

It’s a panel and talk show with the ”For Us By Us” spirit that has been lacking for a while. In Keke Show they dive into social issues, taboo subjects and most of all they give a voice to the voiceless.

This creator turned a simple Facebook live experience into something bigger. Thousands of views and comments on a WEEKLY basis and all of this for empowering the community.

Sometimes it reminds you of a typical Maury Show when the crowd goes off, other times you wonder if Kevin is the Montreal version of Charlamagne and sometimes it gets very serious and profound.

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Any Montreal Content Creators We Forgot (of course we did!)?

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