Young M A Gives Montreal Her First   038  Craziest Performance Ever

Young M.A Gives Montreal Her First & Craziest Performance Ever!

Yeah They Hate But They….

Young M.A Still Has The ”OUUUUU” Effect

At some point during the last year, you’veprobably shouted  the notorious adlib”Ooouuu” from the single who made you discover the Brooklyn femcee of the year: Young M.A. You might as well have screamed the anthem at the top of your lungs at a social gathering of some sort. However, you got to know on thing about M.A, you can’t ignore her energy and lyrical talent.

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If this never happened to you it’s probably because you were hidden under a rock at that time. Speaking of which, it was at the Olympia theater that none other then Young M.A. came for the first time in Montreal to rock the mic for a thousand of Montrealers.

It was great to see the promoters giving a platform for a lot of Montreal’s artists community and they also had two DJ sets. After the local acts heated up the place, the New York femcee finally appeared on stage and she was ready for the kill.

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Cc: @_blujayy

The crowd that patiently waited for Young M.A couldn’t have been more excited. The love in the crowd was real and the ”Hot Sauce” rapper definitely gave that love back.

She made sure to perform as close as possible to the public and she shook hands with the fans. She even took the time to put the lights on the fans to share a snapchat with them near the end of the show.

From Youtube To Real Life

I remember vividly that the first thing that came to my mind was : ”The Young M.A you get on Youtube is the same Young M.A you get in real life”. What you see is what you get with this rapper; she is not compromising for nothing.

Performing ”Self M.Ade”, ”Get this Money”, ”Ooouuu” and more hits in her arsenal. She had the crowd jamming and singing her songs bar for bar.

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Cc: via Rickey D Events

The energy she brought on stage was well received by the crowd to the point where she litteraly had her fans jamming to her fave reggae songs too. Though some might say it took away from hearing her beats, it was still a good vibe and and a pleasant surprise coming from her.

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For Those Who Were Under That Rock

Young M.A. is a Brooklyn based artist who became popular after the radio hit ”OUUUUU”. She was well known in the underground scene for her pen game but that hit gave her a open door to a much larger crowd.


She became an instant star when Funk Master Flex and major radio stations started playing her single. The 25 year old artist even had the Lil Kim posting a video of herself listening to the song on Instagram.

Since then, she realeased the Sleep Walkin mixtape and the Herstory EP. Some predicted that she would be a breath of fresh air for NYC’s rap scene and a game changer. Let’s see what the future holds for this young artist.

Your Thoughts?

Let us know what do you thought about the show? Does Young M.A knows how to entertain a crowd? Which local artist really stood out for you?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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