5 Fashion Highlights From The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

Some Celebrities Were #GrammyReady

5 Fashion Highlights From The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

All The Fashion Gems From The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

Yesterday we were all in front of our tv for one of the most anticipated event of the year: the 59th annual Grammy Awards. Live performances, who won what and crazy acceptance speeches (where is Kanye when we need him).

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It’s usually that time of the year where our favorite celebrities hit the red carpet to introduce the world to new trends, new designers or to make fashion fails on an international level.

Here are the 5 fashion highlights from the 59th Annual Grammy Awards that we noticed yesterday!

1 Blue Ivy

Blue ivy jayz grammy 2017

 Cc: grammy awards

This definitely a case of like mother like daughter right here! Blue Ivy came to rip the runway just like Beyonce would have done flawlessly as the rnb diva would say. That pink “tailleur” is EVERYTHING!

2 Ceelo Green

From his music to his outfits, Ceelo Green will always leave you with a “WTF” moment. This time around, he did it again with his “all gold everything” outfit just to make sure his impression was felt the right way.

Some may see it as a fashion fail more than anything else and we can understand that. If you really know what fashion and style are all about then you understand why this was actually a work of art.

Ceelo is an artist that totally understands the power of being provacative and thinking outside of the box! (this outfit is the ultimate proof!)

3 Chance The Rapper

This was a great time for the chicago native last night who came home with Grammys won as an independent artist. What we love about Chance The Rapper’s outfits in general is the fact that he knows how to keep his personal touch everytime he steps out.

Whether it’s Grammy Awards or on set for one of his music videos, Chance will never miss an opportunity to come back with his now iconic number “3” hat.

I think the mix of streetwear and classy he usually does is something unique and his confidence rocking makes it a better statement in itself.

4 Lady Gaga

Ladygaga fashion grammy

Cc: grammy awards

You know the rules in entertainment right? If Lady Gaga is invited somewhere, her presence will be a show in itself.

The “poker face” singer never misses an occasion to surprise the audience with audacity and style. Some may think that she got less extravagant throughout the years but yesterday she definitely reminded us that she still got it!

Her outfit was remarquable in terms of originality and once again a testimony of this artist’s high level of creativity and sexyness (them heels tho!)

5 Girl Crush

Girlcrush fashion 59th Annual Grammy Awards

Cc: grammy awards

I could see the critics coming from a mile away for this outfit and judging on what has been said this morning I was right. Fashion is one of the most subjective topic ever in life. What’s good taste for you may be a good taste for the neighbor and vice versa.

I think artists like Ceelo Green and Girl Crush reminded us that us that iconic phrase from Joker himself : “Why So Serious”.

She went all out, did something totally expected and you could tell she had fun with it. Isn’t what fashion is all about at the end?

To conclude, we would like to know your opinion about the 59th annual Grammy Awards! Who should’ve won? Who got robbed? What was your favourite performance and why?

Leave your answers in the comment section!


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