A Closer Look Inside The Pintrill Flagship Store In Brooklyn!

The Pintrill Flagship Store: Your Ultimate Pin Shopping Destination!

The Pintrill Flagship Store was on our “to visit” list for a while and even though we had a tight schedule, it was about time that we see the phenomenon for ourselves!

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After reading about their collab with Marcus Troy, we became real fans of their work. This brand has what we call the “eye” when it comes to their work.

They spot trends, sayings or cultural moments and translate them into enamel pins. That’s how they came up with Dj Khaled’s inspired pins, Looney Tunes pins, the famous “Crying Drake” and much more!

They also do collabs with well known brands such as Vans, The NBA, Obey & a lot of the fashion icons and public figures. I believe that this is what sets Pintrill apart, they’ve built a product that adapt to any trends or special occasion!

What Is Pintrill?

Pintrill is a pin accessory/lifestyle brand that recreates pop culture, movies, emojis and many other elements of our day to day life.

This brand knows how to stay ahead of their time with timeless pieces that helps you express your individuality and style. I often say : “Tell me what pins you wear and I will tell who you are”.

As funny as it sounds even the fact that some people doesn’t wear any pin can tell you a lot about them.

The Experience At The Pintrill Flagship Store

Located at 231 Grand St, shopping at Pintrill will remind you of a sneaker shopping session. Many choices and the moment where you have to make the right decision to make you go back home with the dopest pieces.

This is what this store is all about : the experience.  You can try to the various pins, buy, sell or trade them as well. You even have access to some pieces that are not on their website.

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