A Closer Look At The Adidas X Kanye New Yeezy Runner

Will Yeezy Jump Over Jumpman Again?

A Closer Look At The Adidas X Kanye New Yeezy Runner

Kanye West Is Surprising The World Once Again With The New Yeezy Runner!

Kanye West is known for making controversial fashion statements whenever he launches his Yeezy Seasons but one thing we couldn’t expect is the new Yeezy Runner.(not the official name yet)

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Kanye is the type of artist and designer that has master the art of being unpredictable. His latest creations were the living proofs. Think about the complexity behind the design of the previous Yeezy boosts before judging this new release. From the Yeezy boost’s sole to the fabric used in the laces : every details matter with Kanye!

The Yeezy Runner : Simplicity & Functionnality

Adidas originals yeezy runner release gallery 01

Cc: High Snobiety

I don’t know if it’s because Kanye is slowy entering his 40s but you could feel the urgent need to implement simplicity and functionnality behind this new design. No strap,no suede or additional features like the boost technology.

Simple Is The New Black!

I feel like is just Kanye West saying : “you can now style with the same shoes in which you would push a stroller” or maybe something more like “you now can style with the same shoes in which you would hit that workout”.

In a world full of Givenchy,Versace,Margiela and other shoes that you can’t take out of the box without a guilty feeling. It was about time that we get a “wear it everywhere” pair of shoes.

Thoughts About The Design Of The Yeezy Runner

Adidas originals yeezy runner release gallery 03

Cc: High Snobiety

In terms of design, I can sense a lot of the backlash coming from the sneaker world. Since his Nike days, people always appreciated Kanye’s work as a shoe designer because he knew how to innovate from the mold and stay updated with the current trends.

The Yeezy Runner is breaking this old cycle and introduces the world to a Kanye who doesn’t care about being conventionnal no more (if he actually cared once). I’m curious to see how people will react to this new design and if people will catch this wave.(we both know they will)

There is not alot of information about where to get the Yeezy Runner yet since they were only featured in his New York Fashion Week runway for the Yeezy Season 5. There are different colourways availlable from what we saw so far.

Make sure you stay tuned for our article about the highlights of the Yeezy Season 5 coming soon.


Would you buy a pair of Yeezy Runner from the collab of Adidas and Kanye West? Tell us why in the comment section!

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