Throwback Worstdays : 5 Fashion Trends That Needed To Die!

#3 Is Definitely A No-No!

Throwback Worstdays   5 Fashion Trends That Needed To Die

The ”WTF” Fashion Trends That Will NOT Be Missed!

Fashion trends come and and go and the only thing more certain than is death and taxes.No matter how much of a fashion icon we all think we are, there is always a point in our lives where our old pictures leave us with a : “What The Heck!” face. Trends come and go that’s for sure but sometimes we must admit that some of them should have never come to life in the first place!

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Especially in this day and age, most of the things we wear have a connection with the 80’s and the 90’s. Although “Vintage Is The New Age” there are certain fashion trends we should have never brought back to life and there are new ones that should’ve never been invented too.

Here is our quick selection of 5 Fashion Trends That Needed To Die from the 2000’s to now!

1 Hammer Pants

mc hammer pants can't touch this rapper hammer pants


Growing up, I used to laugh at Mc Hammer for wearing crotch pants even though I know for facts that this was definitely a fashion statement at the time. Fast foward in 2015-2017, the crotch pants made a scary comeback in EVERY global stores like H&M,Zara, Forever 21.

The level of comfort for those pants was at minus 10 and it was definitely a challenge to match anything with that. I can’t judge their effort for trying to reinvent the classics but those pants should’ve stayed where they belong : the past.

2 Led Screen Belt Buckles

led buckle belt dipset 2000 trend wack style

Cc: Randomsauce – Dagoosh!

Once upon a time we were harassing our parents to get one of these and now that would be the most irrationnal thing to do right? At the time I really thought it was the work of a genius to mix together a led screen and a belt buckle but then it went out of this world.

You had some with diamonds, different colourways for the script but in this minimalist world of ours, being a walking publicity ad is played out. (at least to me)

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3 Wedge Sneakers (Yeah They Were Poppin Once)

wedge sneakers converse all-star fashion fail

Cc: Pinterest

That’s one thing I will never understand about the shoe industry! As soon as they create something new or different they can’t resist to saturate the world with thousands of protypes.

I think they took that : «I like a woman that can do both» too serious on this one. Comfort wise that was not their best idea as well!

4 Sideways Baseball Caps

fashion trends t.i rapper atl movie sideway fitted hat


Sometimes I wonder if T.I was born with a sideway baseball cap on his head because to me he definitely fathered this style. Don’t get me wrong, baseball caps are timeless, a statement wither to claim a particular team or to match with an outfit.

Let’s be honest for a second and admit that this specific way of wearing it definitely brings back memories and for the most part it’s all about how many hats we lost or those we could never replace.

5 Crocs

crocs bad taste functionnality


At a point or another, we all wore these to stay at home. Somehow someway when this “trend” came out, a lot of people broke the unwritten rule that you should NEVER go out we these on your feet.

I can’t knock the designer’s effort because in terms of comfort and price, I’ll pick any crocs before some fancy sandals hands down.

To be honest, we all know that fashion tastes are a personal choice above all but when it’s played out, it’s played out no matter how hard we try to keep up with it. Tell us what do you think about this selection? Did we missed a specific trend? Would you still rock one of those items today?

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