The Book Club : 3 Classic Books To Be The Best Version Of Yourself For 2017

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The Book Club   3 Classic Books To Be The Best Version Of Yourself For 2017

3 Classic Books To Add In Your Personal Library For 2017

Nothing can compare to the feeling you have when you let you mind dive in classic books. Most of all, between writing content about new trends, influencers and what is going on in this beautiful city that I call home; what I like to share the most is my passion for books.

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I used to think it was really cheesy to say that books make you travel even when you are at home until I found myself in Australia, England, China and back to Montreal just by reading books here and there.

The type of books I personnaly enjoy reading the most is self-help books. You have never seen a walking library until you see me in person (I mean literally). Today,to start the year fresh, we have put together a list of “3 Classic Books To Read To Be The Best Version Of Yourself For 2017!

From self-improvement, time management, life hacks and motivation ; we got you!

1 How To Win Friends And Influence People

Author : Dale Carnegie

You know that old saying : “old but gold”? Well this is exactly the case with this timeless classic! Out of every classic books you could read this one is a MUST! This book was first published in 1939 by Dale Carnegie and kept being refered as a “Must Read” for any success seekers, upcoming professionnals and entrepreneurs.

The author opens up about his own experiences as one of the best public speakers of his time.

He gives precious advices like to how to communicate effectively and influence people around you. Advices like : “dont try to win an argument“, “reaching common ground as soon as possible“. “get people to think your conclusion is their own” and “know when to use suggestions instead of direct orders“.

The title says it all, you will learn how to be respected as a leader, you will be refered to as the “Go To Guy” and you will definitely become a master at networking!

Great book in terms of leadership, influence and charisma.

2 Awaken The Giant Within

Tony Robbins is definitely a leader when it comes to self-improvement. We tend to usually see those public speakers as scammers but I personnaly enjoyed his work for the simple fact that he has walked the walk to write his book.

He was overweight, he had a regular job with nothing going on in his life and he turned everything around to be an international life coach and best selling author.

He simply explains that everything starts with the power of making a decision and sticking to it no matter what. He opens up about rewiring our perception of pleasure and pain.(taking action is painful trust me)

At last, he gives tips and tools to change your belief systems with a create/destroy approach that’ll turn you on the positive side of things.

This is a great book for finding ressources inside, making a commitment to your dreams and improve your life.

3 The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dont get me wrong, I know that sometimes those kind of books can get heavy and loaded with theories hard to understand at first. The Alchemist is your best option if you want a story with a powerful message and something easy to read.

Its basically the story of a young sheppard who wanted to break his family tradition to see the world regardless of what his parents expected from him.

Little did he know his ambitions will brought him to be a sheppard, a crystal seller, (…) all

The story looks a little like a fable since there are magic elements in it but you definitely get the point. The character goes to many struggles, many points where he wants to give but he keeps because of 3 keys in the story : get back up when things go wrong, follow your intuition & stay out of your comfort zone

**Bonus** The Pursuit Of Happyness

Yes the famous movie “Pursuit Of Happyness” was actually an autobiography before it became the movie that made most rethink what the struggle is (that toilet scene was hard).

This book is the full autobiogaphy of Chris Gardner, a single father who overcomed homelessness and poverty, fatherlessness, being raped as a teenager and constantly to become one of the most successful stock broker of the 80″s and current motivationnal speakers.

This is the ULTIMATE book that”ll teach you how to overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way.

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