Views From The 6 With Daymon Green: From Introducing Rocawear In Canada & Creating @Community54

Views From The 6 With Daymon Green  From Introducing Rocawear In Canada  amp  Creating  Community54

Daymon Green : When The Ogs Spit Game You Have To Listen!

Daymon Green is definitely a genius in his field, humble, he never puts himself too much in the front and he keeps the same philosophy that got him ahead in the fashion industry for 20 years: being all about the community.

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Besides the fact that Draymond Green makes it hard for you to google him, Daymon Green definitely left his imprint on the fashion industry by introducing key elements in branding, retail and connecting people through his various events and gatherings. His lifestyle shop called Community54 is located both in Toronto & New York City and on both side of the borders, his shops represent a cultural hub where art and fashion live in harmony.

We drove all the way to Toronto to meet with the legend that shaped the fashion game for 20 years straight and especially to see what Community54 is all about. A nervous me was trying his best to ask all the questions without being noisey because we went from his early beginning as a fashion retailer to his big break with introducing major artists like Asap Rocky, from touring with Jay Z to styling Lauryn Hill and many other accomplishments that would make you feel like this man lived twice.

Even though I had jaw dropping moments throughout the interview, I had to pay hommage to the fashion mogul’s humbleness and generosity. I came back to Montreal with the firm belief that Community54 is more than just a good name, it has a foundation, a real substance and it definitely stands for something. In this intimate interview, Daymon opens up about his keys to success as a brand consultant, his thoughts on culture jamming and wether or not we have to consider that fashion is dead.

Interview With A Fashion Mogul

«Without The Community, We’re Nothing»

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