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Atelier New Regime Just Dropped Some Serious Fall Must Haves & It’s Fire

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Here Are 5 Fall Must Haves Straight From The Atelier New Regime’s Pre-Fall 2017 Collection!

Summer is coming to an end (like we barely had one) and now fashion enthusiasts are asking themselves one vital question : “What are the fall must haves this year?!”

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Atelier New Regime might have a solid answer with the release of their pre-fall 2017 collection! Indeed, the brand is writing its own page in streetwear‘s history and again they didn’t disappoint!

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Cc: Yan Bleney


After a successful 2016 with features from Hypebeast, High Snobiety and recent collabs with Lugz & Oth , Atelier New Regime is back for more with their pre-fall 2017 collection.

This brand has evolved in terms of range of products and we can notice their growth even more today based on this new release.

Colourful shirts, twill jackets and tracksuits are now a part of their inventory. Regardless, we still have a taste of the graphic tees that made us fall in love with this brand at first.

Today we will overview 5 fall must haves from their new collection to make the most out of your outfits this year!


atelier new regime, never had shit green coat , trend, satin coat

Cc: via Atelier New Regime

1. “Never Had Shit” Souvenir Jacket

Price: $179.95 CAD

One thing very distinctive about New Regime is their ability to come up with crazy jackets. From the “HomeTown Heroes“, the “We Learn All Our Gang Shit From The Government” and now the “Never Had Shit” is making its debut.

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Cc: via Atelier New Regime

We definitely love the fabrics and colours used to put this piece together.

What really makes this one standout is once again the need to express an idea or a statement.

Anybody on the grind or having some sort of success can relate right!?

rubber band shirt, streetwear fashion, satin shirt, h&m, montreal

cC: via Atelier New Regime

2.Rubber Band Shirt

Price: $79.95 CAD

I live by this rule : “What you wear is what you say“. If we can’t have at little idea of who you are as an individual based on what you wear, something doesn’t add up.

streetwear, satin shirt, shirt band

cC: via Atelier New Regime

This is the shirt for the casual guy who needs that extra touch. For those who still believe that fuchsia is hard to rock, this is great alternative to start with!

Ps: I had Rubberband man playing in my head the whole time as I was writing this!

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cC: via Atelier New Regime

3. Logo Twill Jacket

Price: $139.95 CAD

Based on the colour pattern, it’s one of those rare times where its accurate to say that this is the “crème de la crème“.

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Cc: via Atelier New Regime

Half bomber, half “your everyday coat” just to get the best of both worlds!

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Cc; via Atelier New Regime

4. Popover Jacket

Price: $159.95 CAD

Designers are known for keeping their gems in the vault for the right opportunity. This popover is coming right on time for our “no too cold but too hot neither” temperatures.

atelier new regime, fashion designers, trendsetters, fall collection, fall trends

cC: via Atelier New Regime

This piece takes us back to the 90’s while tapping into what’s going on now in the streetwear scene.

A nice blend of functionality and nostalgia all at once.

sweat pants, warm up pants, track suit pants, sportswear

Cc: via Atelier New Regime

5. Warm Up Pants

Price: $139.95 CAD 

Sportswear and streetwear are like related cousins if not twins separated at birth when you really think about it. With Adidas & Nike as giants in sportswear ,the best option is to stand out!

warm up pants, anr, mural atelier new regime, streetwear clothing, tracksuit

cC; via Atelier New Regime


I think they did a great job with this piece. Times are changing and now more than ever the best is to have items that you can rock in different occasions.

Half warm up pants and half “your most comfortable pants ever” which is why we added it to the fall must haves too!


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What Do You Think?

New Regime is definitely on a good run when it comes to the fashion industry  and this new collection is a great teaser. What do you think about our fall must haves?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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