4 Mural Artists To Discover At Mural Festival

4 Mural Artists To Discover At Mural Festival!

Art Is Life, Life Is Art!

Discover The Work Of Some Of Your New Favorite Mural Artists!

At Mural Festival we discovered many talented mural artists from all over the world! The art festival usually gathers some of the most prolific street artists and once again we were not disappointed!

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Some of the murals are still in the progress, but we are very excited and cannot wait to see the end results.

Today we will show you some discoveries and some mural artists that made our experience incredible. You’ll know the who’s who of Mural Festival and get familiar with our local talents.

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Cc: Sabine Estimé

A tribute to Jackie Robinson by Fluke

Now this artist from Montreal’s A’shop and Café Graffiti a personal favorite. He has work many times at the festival and has numerous murals under his belt. T

his time he is paying homage to the great Jackie Robinson in a masterful portrait of the legendary baseball player and activist.

Fluke is currently working on a beautiful black and white portrait of the athlete brighten by colorful broom strokes. Even unfinished this piece does not go unnoticed. When it comes to portraits Fluke is definitely the MVP. 

ron english muralist visual artist mural festival

Cc: Sabine Estimé!


Ron English’s Popaganda

Everyone was waiting with great anticipation for the American pop artist. You can enjoy English’s work at the Popaganda pop-up shop or near the St-Laurent parking lot on St-Dominique Street.

Inside the pop-up shop, you’ll find a magnificent piece of a Mona Lisa style smiley wearing English’s signature skull smile.

The muralist is known for using comics, advertising and historical figures in the graffiti artist’s work. If you don’t know him, his art will definitely catch your eye.

The vivid colors and the recognizable imagery will mesmerize you on the spot! 

ricardo carvolo mural artists montreal

Cc: Sabine Estimé

Ricardo Cavolo doing the honors

The honor of the Rogers sponsored wall goes to Ricardo Cavolo! Street art is home for this Spanish muralist whose brush touched the walls of Russia, China, Mexico, Europe and more.

It is not the artist’s first project in Montreal as he have work with YUL airport and with Kaytranada on his album cover. You will recognize his work by the recurring imagery he uses: drawing-like eyes, hearts, flames and birds with vibrant colors.

Actually, eyes are omnipresent in his pieces. If you are near the St-Laurent parking lot and feel like you are being stared at by a million eyes, you have found Cavolo!

Aydin Matlabi and Miss Me’s collaboration 

Miss Me, a street artist with a feminist twist, and Aydin Matlabi, a humanitarian activist, joined forces to create a truly moving mural. 

Blending perfectly photography and street art techniques, they’ve created a piece that tells the story of young heros who survive in truly difficult conditions.

But no tears or sadness on this wall. The children are all smiles, crowned and joyful and that is what makes the beauty of it all.

The mural is one of the centerpieces of the Expo 360 art project, dedicated to helping children in need initiated by World Vision. You can check it out at the festival!

What Do You Think?

Here are 3 mural artists that really stood throughout the festival but we would like to know your opinion. Is there an artist we should’ve mentionned on the list? Who was the king or the queen of Mural Festival according to you?



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