Kaytranada Earns A Perfect Score With New Album

Kaytranada Reinvented The Word Classic!

Kaytranada Earns A Perfect Score With New Album

Kaytranada The Heaven Sent Producer

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Artist: Kaytranada

Title: 99.9%

Genre: Electronic Deep House Infused with Hip Hop

Label: HW&W

Rate: 5 out of 5

The city’s buzzing after Montreal’s own, international electronic DJ/producer, Kaytranada, dropped his first official studio album, 99.9%.

With features from artists not limited to but including, Aluna George, Phonte, Vic Mensa and grammy nominated, Craig David, 99.9% is a voyage from beginning to end. Staying true to his electronic style, Kaytra takes it a step futher, blending deep house, boom bap drum patterns and funk…with a hint of trap.

Kaytra takes us on a soulful journey, infused with hi-hat drum patterns, strings and keys with tracks like “Bus Ride” and “Weight Gone”. Ultimately, these melodic “dilla-esque” / 9th wonder tracks, are reminiscent of a time when hip hop was at it’s purest.

Switching things up, “You’re The One” featuring Syd, is a catchy electro-pop track. Her soft voice creates a playful ‘girls night out’ feel. The track fades to the sound of maracas giving it extra spice.

The tempo picks up with the psychedelic “Lite Spots”. This is where deep house meets 70’s funk with a serious bounce in the baseline. The added voice sampling rounds out the track, giving it a catchy hook that you find yourself trying to sing along to. Click here for the full video.

Kaytranada’s album is available on itunes for download and spotify for streaming.

We personnaly believe that Quebec’s media outlets are not giving this creative enough light. It’s not like he needs it at all but it would definitely be a right thing to acknowledge his work. As far as we know there are not that much musicians from Quebec that have crossed borders and even countries like he did! (two cents alert).

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