10 Insane Pictures Of What Went Down At The Post Malone Concert

10 Insane Pictures Of What Went Down At The Post Malone Concert!

We Were Definitely ”Up There”

That Post Malone Concert Was The Best Way To Start The Summer With The Sauce!

Yesterday at Mural Festival, I was excited and curious to find out how a Post Malone concert would turn out. The ”White Iverson” artist was in town last night for a free concert presented by Vice, Fido & Mural Festival and the crowd couldn’t ask for more.

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The concert also showcased our local talents such as The Posterz, Mike Shabb, Dev ThaMessiah, Gxlden Child & many more. A Post Malone concert is an experience I would suggest to any music fan who likes to connect with their favorite artist while they perform.

The fans were singing the songs word for word to point where Post didn’t had that much work to do sometimes. It was great to see the ”Big Lie” artist interacts with the crowd the way he did. He was giving us his two cents about his career and he even throwed free cigarettes at fans (he did it for real!).

A Post Malone Concert Is Intimate, Authentic And The Energy Is Well Received.

He brought with him some of the best from his catalog.  We could reminisce about our lost ones with songs like ”Too Young”, only to find ourselves vibing to ”Up There” and then end the night with the right finishing touch with ”White Iversion”,

Just in case you’ve missed his live performance, we took some insane shots of the performane so you can have a clear idea of what a Post Malone concert is all about!


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Cc: Montrealgotstyle

montrealgotstyle montreal saint-laurent boulevard

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

post malone congratulations

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montreal street art montreal festival live performance

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stony malone mural festival fido vice

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white iverson up there too young congratulations perfomance

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post malone mural festival landmark concert

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Don’t Miss The Lituation Again!

If you’ve missed this event, you still have 10 days to catch up with Mural Festival’s schedule! Indeed, saturday they have the one and only Jazz Cartier coming through to give the fans another timeless performance!



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