5 Reasons To Celebrate Montreal Street Art At Mural Festival This Week

5 Reasons To Celebrate Montreal Street Art At Mural Festival This Week!

Let The Fun Begins!

Here’s Why You Need To Attend The Biggest Montreal Street Art Festival Of The Year!

The Montreal street art scene has always been more underground as far as I remember but in past 5 years, Mural Festival has provided a serious platform where we get to know who’s who in terms of street art in the city!

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Indeed, for 5 years in row, the team behind Mural Festival made it their mission to showcase street art on a local and international scale. It’s a 10 days celebration

that reunites enthusiasts for one main reason: discover and enjoy the Montreal street art scene!

From June 8th to June 18th, Mural Festival will transform Saint-Laurent boulevard into an outdoor museum. You’ll see street artists completing their mural in front of your eyes, various stands where you can discover new brands or artists and many attractions.

They provide you a tour guide with all the different installments, shows & events you can attend. They have incredible sponsors such as Vice, Fido & Hennessey and don’t be surprise if they come through with tons of giveaways for the attendees!

Today we will overview 5 reasons why you should attend the Mural Festival, what to do, what to see and how to make the most of this unique experience.

mural festival saint-laurent boulevard montreal art fest

Cc; via Mural Festival

1.The Murals & Street Artists

At Mural Festival, every guest has the chance to see street artists in their creative space! Take a walk on Saint-Laurent boulevard and watch them put together their art.

You also have the opportunity to learn more about them, last year we had the pleasure to speak to a lot of them and learn more about what street art is all about.

You will get to witness an art piece being created from A To Z if you walk around the festival for a few days. This is the kind of view you won’t get in a while in the city!

mural festival hennessy fido vice vip experience montreal

Cc: via Mural Festival

2. The Block Parties!

Even though most of the activities and events presented to Mural Festival are free, some events are paid for but believe me when I say this : every penny is worth it!

The Hennessy Vip Experience is the best option if you don’t feel like staying in the crowd and jumping around. You get to sit down comfortably, enjoy some drinks, network and have the most impressive view on the second floor of the vip spot.

This Hennessy section also kicks off some of the most epic block parties. Those block parties bring together some of your favourite artists.

This time around they have the  Block Party MURAL presented by The Kraken Black Spiced Rum with a crazy lineup of artists just for you!

school boy q mural festival montreal mural festival montreal street art

Cc: Babes & Gents

3. The Various Concerts

It’s all about vibes and based on my personal experience last year, it seems like artists that perform on the Mural Festival stage are there to give you something you will never forget.

We were impressed by the performances to the point where we had to do a write up the very same day about  3 Artists That Have Set The Stage On Fire At Mural Festival last year.

If you need to turn up, enjoying music and keep the energy flowing in your veins for the next few days; Mural Festival is the place to be.

Watch School Boy Q Tearing Up The Stage!

4. The Food Stands!

Since the festival is taking place on Saint-Laurent boulevard, most of the local restaurants will be serving their best dishes outdoor to make sure you have everything you need during the day.

They have some nice terraces where you can relax before or in between activities or shows. Last year some of the stands were offering free food or beverages as well. Trust me, after an intense moment in a crowd or a long walk on the boulevard, a nice meal is always well deserved

5. Discover Upcoming Brands

Mural Festival also gathers some of the hottest upcoming brands in the city! Streetwear apparel, high-end accessories and many different kind of products are showcased on the street for you to discover them.

Last year we discovered Le Cartel Clothing & Lajoie,; two brands are now making solid moves in the city since we’ve first got introduced to them.

If you’re into supporting local designers and getting familiar with new oness, once again Mural Festival is the place to be!

Finally, in order for you to have a clear idea about this celebration of Montreal Street Art, here is recap from last year

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