5 Stylish Flip Flops To Wear This Summer (Without Socks Of Course)

Get Your Pedicure Ready, It’s About To Go Down!

5 Stylish Flip Flops To Wear This Summer  Without Socks Of Course

Get Yourself Some Stylish Flip Flops And Own The Summer!

Summertime is at our door and sometimes you might feel like trading your heavy sneakers for a nice pair of stylish flip flops.

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I remember the times when flip flops used to be boring in terms of design or colors. Indeed, with the rise of streetwear, we’ve seen countless new slides/flip flops emerging with different patterns, colors or powerful slogans.

Regardless of how much we could love our sneakers, for certain occasions like going to the beach, spending time at a barbecue; we need to feel comfortable. Between me and you, I always found those places to be EXTREMELY dangerous for my sneakers so that’s why I opt for stylish flip flops instead.

Us, as fashion lovers, we envision the world as a giant runway so every occasion is the right one to make a statement. Flip flops, as simple as they once were, are now a statement in itself but only if you choose the right ones (and if you don’t wear socks with them).

Today we will overview 5 stylish flip flops to wear this summer in order to give your favorite sneakers some rest for your next appearances!

1.Luckie Losers

stylish flip flops slides urban streetwear montrealgotstyle

Cc: via Luckie Losers

Where To Buy: www.luckielosers.com

Price:  currently on sale for 25$

It’s hard to go wrong with red slides. it’s bold, it stimulates people’s curiosity from the get go and it’s easy to match. This particular design done by “Luckie Losers”  is perfect because their “LSRS” is discrete to the point where people will actually ask you what it stands for.

Any fashionable item that can open up conversations is a great investment!

8and9 drink champs n.o.r.e stylish flip flops

Cc:via 8and9

2. Drink Champs

Where To Buy: www.8and9.com

Price: 59$

You’ve probably heard about N.O.R.E‘s show called “Drink Champs” where he invites your favorite celebrities for a drink  and let them share some crazy stories.

As you can expect, the show got so big that they now have their own merch made in collaboration with 8and9. Regardless if you’re familiar with the show or not, to me this pair of slides should be your ultimate pick for BBQs or days at the beach!

I think the label “Drink Champs” says it all and it’s hard to turn down a funny introduction like that right?!

slydes fin urban outfitters

Cc: Via Urban Outfitters

3.Slydes Fin Slide Sandal

Where To Buy: www.urbanoutfitters.com

Price: 44$                        

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between a urban and a classy pair of slides, the Slydes Fin are the best option!

The overall look is simple, the leather pattern adds some sophistication to the mix and the strap is what makes it beautifully aligned.

This is just a solid reminder that details matter. To me, this pair of stylish flip flops wouldn’t make the list if it wasn’t for the strap. This is the pair you pick when you want to standout and remain classic at the same time.


adidas jeremy scott wings stylish flip flops

Cc: Edenskill

4. Adidas X Jeremy Scott “Adilette”

Where To Buy : Ebay

Price: depending on the seller but it’s around 400$ since they’re limited now

Adidas and Jeremy Scott, peanut butter and jelly, Adidas and Jeremy Scott, heaven and earth, Adidas and…(ok, you get the point by now). When they collab, you can expect something totally outside of the box and timeless.

Indeed this pair of slides is been out since 2014 but it’s still a masterpiece. This is the type of flip flops you rock when you feel like pushing the rules to the side and be you (young, fly and original I assume).

From the iconic wings to the Jeremy Scott signature inside the slides, you get the home or pool version of high end streetwear on your feet.

space jam slide sandal urban outfitters

Cc: via Urban Outfitters

5.Space Jam Slide Sandal

Where To Buy: www.urbanoutfitters.com

Price: 34$

For some fashion lovers, their clothes or accessories have to mean something to them. For all my Space Jam lovers out there, they’ve finally had a thought for us!

These slides are all about texture, colors and nostalgia. When you rock pieces that are related to something cultural or a moment in time, it’s easier to hit the target.

These slides will help you master the art of getting noticed by people for all the right reasons.

Would You Wear Them?

A lot of men are sometimes uncomfortable with wearing slides because they’re ashamed of their feet or they feel like it’s a woman’s thing.

I used to feel that way but now that I got introduced to the magic of pedicure (I was skeptical too) my feet game changed forever. Would you give it a try? Do you like our selection of slides?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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