The New El Chapo Show On Netflix Is The Baddass Starter Pack!

The New El Chapo Show On Netflix Is The Baddass Starter Pack

The El Chapo Show On Netflix Is A New Chapter For The Narcos Fans!

Just when you thought you had enough of drug lords counting mountains of money and phrases like “Hijos De Puta” echoing in your mind for months; Netflix is bringing an El Chapo Show to life!

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Joaquin Guzman, or better known as “El Chapo“, is a Mexican drug lord that started his empire in the 80’s. Since then, he became a reference in the drug trade and the criminal world at large (and also a topic on a tons of songs from your favorite rappers).

Unlike Pablo Escobar, El Chapo is still alive and even though he’s in a max security prison at the moment, his life story remains a perfect mix of drug related atrocities and adrenaline rushing exploits.


Not to glorify what he did at all but how many drug traffickers do you know made a Forbes list? Further than that, El Chapo made history for being the “richest and most dangerous criminal in the world“.

When we heard about a potential El Chapo show, we knew it was either a “This Is It” moment or another failed attempt to make a wanna-be Narcos.

Today we will overview everything you need to know about the show and its first season which is now available on Netflix.


The show starts off from the early beginnings of Joaquinn Guzman to his rise to power and then his last fall.

It depicts the most sordid and crazy details of his rags to riches from his involvement with the Guadalajara cartel up to the moment he became the El Chapo we now know!

My only hope is that they don’t rush it to 2 seasons the way they did with Pablo. It my mind, it literally felt like I blinked only two times and then Pablo was dead.


The full first season is out on Netflix and they have 9 episodes available.

Watch The Trailer For El Chapo Now


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