Everything You Need To Know About A Trak The Fool  8217 s Gold Records General

Everything You Need To Know About A-Trak,The Fool’s Gold Records General!

Meet The Legends!

A-Trak Opens Up About His Fool’s Gold Records Movement & What Mural Festival Represents For Him!

Last Saturday at Mural Festival, we’ve met A-Trak, Montreal’s very own iconic producer/dj, and we wanted to know more about the Fool’s Gold Records movement!

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Right before A-Trak’s performance, our host & soon-to-be perfume revolutionary, Erby Joseph, took some time to chop it up with the producer.

The “Heads Will Roll” producer is definitely one of the key players making Mural Festival one of the biggest event of the summer. Indeed, A-Trak is bringing his personal touch to the festival with the “Fool’s Gold Homecoming” party.

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This celebration is a way for the Fool’s Gold Records general, who’s originally from Montreal, to reconnect with the city. He also brings us the sickest lineups of artists & entertainers for the occasion.

This year, A-Trak brought on stage Asap Nast &  Jazz Cartier! His lineup also brought his protégés from the Fool’s Gold Records camp such as High Klassified Shash’U.

Last Saturday was once again the chance for the producer to show us that he still got it and he did show and prove as you can see below

Watch A-trak Perform Live At Mural Festival


The ambiance was crazy, the crowd kept asking for more and

A-Trak delivered exactly what they wanted!

Making major moves is nothing new for A-Trak. He recently brought his Fool’s Gold Radio platform to Beats 1 and his career as an entertainer still speaks for itself.

We wanted to figure out his opinion about the music industry, what defines his style and what brought him to partner up with Mural Festival. In this interview below, you’ll find out more about the iconic Dj/producer.

Watch Erby Joseph Interviewing A-Trak At Mural Festival




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