Montreal Will Make You Explore The World Through The Livest Fashion Show This Week End

Montreal Will Make You Explore The World Through The Livest Fashion Show This Week-End

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Fashion Show Monde Is A Trip Around The World Brought To You On A Runway!

This Saturday, house of AMA is putting together a fashion show that’ll make  Montrealers discover new cultures on a fashion perspective.

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Indeed, Fashion Show Monde is not your regular runway event. They aim to elevate their guests’ experience by making them discover new brands, new artists & give them a place to share and network!

“a contemporary and social movement that fosters networking and incorporates design, music, conferences, and an exhibition of haute couture and eccentric garments”.

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Cc: via Fashion Show Monde

House Of Ama Presents

Fashion Show Monde


September 16th, 7:30 pm


Théâtre St-James, 265, rue St-Jacques, Montreal, Canada





Théâtre St-James as the chosen venue is like the cherry on the cake because this place is magic in itself. The lighting, the scene and the atmosphere will set the tone especially for the cocktail/networking part of the event.

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cC: via

Here are 3 designers that’ll make the event memorable with their creations.

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Cc: The Bsb


Powerful patterns and timeless designs will be all over the runway Saturday as you can see!

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Cc: Veve


The organisers at Fashion Show Monde didn’t forget about the ladies of course. Introducing accessories line for women and haute couture, you’ll be in the loop for the upcoming trends this fall.

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Cc: les homes de fauvette

Les Hommes De Fauvette

This Gala will allow you to take that “special outfit” you’ve been hiding in the vaults for so long. Haute couture and an avant-garde approach to fashion will be the focal point of this event.

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