The Best Haunted House To Scare The Hell Out Of Your Date

Scary Hours…

The Best Haunted House To Scare The Hell Out Of Your Date

More Than A Haunted House, It’s An Experience

Halloween is around the corner and as regularly-irregular young adults that are threw with treat or tricks; the real question is : where THE haunted house at? I’ve been personally to A LOT of them but I’ve recently found the ”one in a million”.

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IndeedMalefycia as a haunted house has something that most of them don’t: attention to details. They offer a theatrical experience inside a setup made to make sure your heart jumps every two seconds.

With a themed bar,  actors, special decors, a powerful story line and a party space; it’s Halloween for grown folks on steroids. This year’s edition, their ”Zone 4” installment takes you in a Roswell-UFO-crash-site-like atmosphere.

An alien running around, evil scientists doing conspiracy-theory-like activities and costumes/sound effects to send chills through your spine for an hour. Since it’s like a theatrical performance, you’re totally immersed in the scenery as if you were a spectator watching a movie while they shoot it on set.

The actors will interact with you at key moments and  also give you instructions or scary moments from decors to decors. You go from one setup to another and in the meanwhile the real challenge is to keep composure and not scream at the top of your lungs (I bet you won’t be able).

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2085 Drummond St.


October 28th – October 31st






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