It  8217 s Official  Jorja Smith Is Coming Back To Montreal

It’s Official, Jorja Smith Is Coming Back To Montreal

”On My Mind”

When Jorja Smith Meets ”La Belle Province

Jorja Smith, besides allegedly being the girl who inspired the song ”Jaded” by Drake, is most likely the new face of what R&B is becoming. The songstress recently released a well anticipated debut that went through the roof.

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With songs like ”Beautiful Little Fools”, ”On My Mind”  &  ”Something in The Way” filled ballads each infinitely caption worthy. Jorja Smith returns to Montreal after her first show last time at Théâtre Corona.

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This time around, the London singer is performing for a much bigger crowd at MTelus for an Evenko special. With the release of her debut ”Lost & Found” fans can definitely expect an incredible performance.

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December 18th, 2018


59 Sainte-Catherine St. E.

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