Ride A Mechanic Bull & Enjoy A 5$ BBQ Invite For Jack Saloon’s 5th Anniversary

Ride A Mechanic Bull   038  Enjoy A 5  BBQ Invite For Jack Saloon  8217 s 5th Anniversary

Jack Saloon Unleashes The Foody & Cowboy In You This Monday!

Summer 18 is full of surprises so far and yet Jack Saloon is setting the bar even higher this monday. For its 5th anniversary, celebrating its renown from coast to coast in Quebec, they’re giving Montrealers a new kind of experience.

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In the heart of Quartier Dix30, the half club/half food paradise establishment is coming with a crazy concept. Imagine eating hot wings, partying, riding a mechanic bull and all of this outdoor!

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Cc: Jack Saloon


9395 Leduc Boulevard, Brossard


Monday, July 16th, 7pm

As part of the celebration, they’ve also invited Dj Short Cut, a live band a cookout to enjoy BBQ essentials for 5$ or less.

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Cc: Jack Saloon

Come party to the perfect medley of classic rock and top 40, while enjoying live performances and getting your groove on at the bar. Initially launched in Quebec city in 2013, the saloon did a south shore takeover and literally became the go-to place in a matter of months.

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Cc: Jack Saloon

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