Turn Your Bubbly Champagne Into A Masterpiece With Atelier Champagne

Art & Celebration Combined!

Turn Your Bubbly Champagne Into A Masterpiece With Atelier Champagne

Your Bubbly Champagne Experience Will Never Be The Same!

Bubbly Champagne and the champagne culture at large has different meanings for everyone. For some it’s meant for special occasions and for others it’s a passion.

Now thanks to Atelier Champagne, the champagne culture has a meaning nobody would’ve thought of!

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Indeed, Atelier Champagne is a personalized champagne bottle service in Montreal that customizes your bottles for special occasions.

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“Atelier Champagne is Montreal’s first-ever luxury champagne bottle service where art, celebration, and champagne decor enter a luxe level of timeless elegance.”

Atelier Champagne

What Is Atelier Champagne?

It started from the creative minds of a twin sister team based Montreal who both shared the same passion for art and celebration. They wanted to find a creative way to express their passion and during summer 2017, Atelier Champagne was born.

What started as a simple idea gained popularity and interest very quickly. From prom nights, to weddings and birthday parties, Atelier Champagne made those celebrations memorable with their own special touch.

How It Works

All the orders are customized and you can place your order on their website. You have to specify the occasion and then choose the bottle of your choice.

Their bottle selection goes from Moet, Dom Perignon, Armand De Brignac & more. You get to choose the colors and most specifically the bottle finish!

“Choose between glitter, matte, metallic, gem/crystal finish and the rest is magic! “

You can also add text or other details on the bottle.  They will need your information such as your full name, delivery date and time and a personal message on the card.

When the bottle is ready, your new masterpiece is delivered to your address and you’re then ready to celebrate.


They accept E-transfers and cash upon pickup.

It’s like literally having Picasso creating a masterpiece while using your champagne bottle as a canvas!


It varies depending on the details of the order.

Here are 4 of their creations that really caught our eye (and yours too for sure)

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Cc: atelier champagne

#1 “Bonbon”

This confetti finish gives the bubbly champagne a bold look while bringing the “Life Of The Party” element we all look for.

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Cc: Atelier Champagne

#2 The Statement

This design right here shows you how Atelier Champagne turns your regular bottles into something different; something special. You can literally bring what represents you on your bottles and give it another significance.

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Cc: Atelier Champagne

#3 Caviar Pearls & Champagne

 Details matter and judging by the multiple layers of dopeness add the their bottles, Atelier Champagne is definitely familiar with that!   

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Cc: atelier champagne

#4 Midnight Affair

A slick design and a name that says it all!

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What Do you Think?

Would you give Atelier Champagne a try? What bottle design really caught your eye?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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