Get 10L Of Fresh Mojito & 5$ Menu At La P’tite Grenouille This Week

Get 10L Of Fresh Mojito   038  5  Menu At La P  8217 tite Grenouille This Week

Fresh Mojito & Good  Vibes In The Heart Of St-Laurent

Summer vibes are made for fresh Mojito, relaxation and awesome bites right?! Well following the success of the ”Festival De La Sangria”, La Ptite Grenouille is back with the ”Festival Du Mojito” this time around!

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Starting off today, La P’tite Grenouille is inviting Montrealers to enjoy their 10L of fresh Mojito with their incredibly-various 5$ menu.

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Cc: La P’tite Grenouille


June 27th



La P’tite Grenouille

3435 St-Laurent

About La P’tite Grenouille

La P’tite Grenouille is your new favorite spot although you didn’t know yet. It’s a mix of different ambiances all under one roof.

Part club, part bar, part comedy  club & live performances, the lowkey-but-soon-to-blow-up location has that ”je ne sais quoi’‘. Affordable, a 5$ menu that makes you shake your head in disbelief when you see all the choices you got. See the menu here.

Oh and side note, they even got the actual pools of liquor that possibly that Kendrick talked about a few years.

Intimate but still a good place to meet new people, catch some good laughs and enjoy the sun rays on the terrasse.

Give it a try tonight and let us know what you think about this spot on facebook!

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