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Can Art Redefines Real Relationship Goals? 2 MTL Artists Think So But There’s A Twist…

Hashtag Relationship Goals In Full Effect!

Real Relationship Goals Brought To You In A Visual Experience!

Miro LaFlaga & Ashley Phillips are like the millennial version of John Lenon & Yoko Ono the way they bring a bigger perspective to what real relationship goals should be.

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Both visual artists, the couple is able to push boundaries through art and open up debates about what inspires them.

What Are Boundaries To Creative Minds? .

Miro LaFlaga is the “outside of the box” thinker and visually speaking he stands by this. Ashley Phillips on her part has the Midas touch and a sense of critical analysis that makes her question the norm.

When You Mix Fire And Gasoline

Guess What You Get?

This time around, they’re back with a new project called #CloseTheGap. They wanted to explain their perception of what real relationship goals should be through art and fashion.

They’re taking their time with it but you can feel something big coming out of this. They’ve teased us with Gifs and pictures here and there and now it feels just like when you’re waiting for the hottest mixtape of the year to drop!

The project is also a way to introduce the brand new collection by Gap (I mean what you thought #CloseTheGap stood for?!)

Watch Now

In this behind the scenes video, Miro LaFlaga & Ashley Phillips open up about the fact that working on their craft together has cemented their relationship in a deeper way.

In an ideal world, you want your better half to be supportive of what you do and if you’re lucky enough she or he can also contribute. I think you can’t ask for more when the person you love the most is also 100% involved in what you love to do the most.

You get to shape and create the world with someone who shares the same vision and passion as you. You get to develop the relationship even more by understanding your better half’s work ethic, dreams, fears and drive.

If that’s not real relationship goals right here tell me what it is?

What Do You Think?

What do you think about this project? Do you think couples who create together stay together?

Let us know in the comment section now!



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