Sleepless Nights Alert: New Episodes Of House Of Cards Are Streaming!

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Sleepless Nights Alert  New Episodes Of House Of Cards Are Streaming

New Episodes Of House Of Cards Are Now Streaming & Frank Underwood Still Has It!

With the current political climate in the United States, we’re about to witness one of the most perfect timing in Tv’s history with the new episodes of House Of Cards!

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Indeed, many people compare the twitter-finger-master President Trump to the enigmatic-cold-blooded-power-moves-master who goes by the name of Frank Underwood (it’s blasphemy honestly)

Last year my heart was racing when they’ve announced that  the show might not comeback. This time around, like my other die hard House Of Cards fans, I have a lot of expectations about this new season.

Frank Underwood House of cards

Cc: House Of Cards

For those who don’t know, House Of Cards is basically the trials and tribulations of Frank Underwood, an ambitious politician and cold blooded strategist. This show introduces the world to what happens behind closed doors in the political world.

“The Road To Power Is Paved With Hypocrisy, And Casualties. Never Regret.” (Season 2, Episode 9)

-Frank Underwood


They don’t censor or sugercoat anything at all, you see deception, people dying either physically or career wise and much more things we all knew existed but we never wanted to admit they were true.

new episodes of house of cards frank underwood

Cc: Gifphy

The last season ended very abruptly with many questions unanswered like whether or not the Underwoods were still a thing. The new episodes of House Of Cards might seal the final chapter for the popular Netflix Original Show and this is why we deserve a hit!

For the season 5, it seems like Frank has a possible impeachment to fight against and many other challenges as well but as you already know Underwood always find a way through (we’ll see)

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Frank Underwood’s Last Moment?

What are your thoughts about the final trailer? Do you think this is the final ride for House Of Cards?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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