5 Reasons Why The More Life Album Is A Slap In The Face For Your Favourite Rapper

I’m Not Even A Drake’s Fan Though!

5 Reasons Why The More Life Album Is A Slap In The Face For Your Favourite Rapper

Drake’s More Life Album Is A Body Of Work That’ll Satisfy Any Type Of Hip Hop/RnB Ears!

Coincidentally I was on my way back from Toronto when Drake decided to drop the More Life album. During our 5 hours road trip back to Montreal, we blasted the album from track 1 to 22 and I must admit that I was very impressed by the Toronto’s rapper catalog.

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The More Life album is a mix of various type of sounds and cadences that Drake managed to put together in one single album. I give him props for trying once again to implement dancehall and afrobeats influences in his work even though the hip hop community tends to see this as a “culture vulture” move.

More Life Album Preview

The vibes go from trap, RnB, afrobeats and dancehall throughout the album. This project highly reflects on the rapper’s favourite topics such as his up and downs in relationships (Rihanna got served of course),his different industry beefs with artists like Meek Mill, Tory Lanez and many other things.

Drake made sure this album was an open window to his day to day life, his top dog status in hip hop and made the listeners enjoy his versatility like never before.

Today we will overview some of the topics, songs and highligths of the More Life album and review why this project is definitely a slap in the face courtesy of the 6 God!

1. Drake And Kanye West Are Cool Despite Previous Rumors

Kanye drake more life album

Cc: via Rap Up

When Kanye went nuts on stage claiming that Dj Khaled & Drake might have tricked the radio platforms for pushing their single “For Free’ too much; it was unclear what was their relationship status.

Drake previously said that he was moving away from Kanye but thanks for the fans, it seems like the track “Glow” previewed their “Calabasas Is The New Abu Dhabi” project. A Kanye and Drake joint that is definitely worth your time!

2. Tory Lanez Got Washed Up For His Sneak Dissin Antics

Tory lanez drake beef

Cc: via Rap dose

 Tory Lanez is an amazing artist that I saw grow up from his early beginnings to what he is now. I never thought he would base his career off dissing other artists or having a style that is somehow someway too much familiar to certain artist like Drake or Travis Scott.

His back and forths with Drake are well documented but this time around Drake made it clear how he feels about his fellow Toronto nemesis.

In the track called “Do Not Disturb”, Drake took shots at Tory in a clever way in the following lyrics:

You overnight celebrity you one day star I swear I told you I’m in this bitch for eternity I am a reflection of all of your insecurities Behind closed doors a lot of 6 God worshipping Done talk now ‘cause there’s other shit that concerning me

3. Drake Is Extremely Versatile

By the minute you start to groove and reminisce about your first love with tracks like “Teeange Fever”, you then start to dabb like a possessed man to “Gyalchester” only to kick back and think about life to the sound of “Get It Together”.

I believe that this something missing in music these days. I feel like hip hop artists forgot how important it is to provide variety in their albums and specifically production wise.

the More life album brings you many different talents, flows and rythms brought to you by some of the hottest producers such as boi1da, 40, Kanye West and many more

4. You Could Never Call Drake Soft Again After Hearing “Free Smoke”

When I read the title “Free Smoke”, I was shocked and I clearly doubted that Drake could go hard enough to make it relevant. I thought it was another attempt to sound hard like when he dropped “Worst Behaviour”.

Not to clown Drake but I don’t know any “hardbody” rapper that would tell somebody “Hold My Phone” before they fight right?

The 6 God did his thing in “Free Smoke” and to my surprise it was one of his only songs that could almost be qualified as gangsta rap at some points. The track was catchy but now we can all say that Drake is the “singing rapper” you don’t want to mess with.

5. Drake Let His Exes Know The Deal

Drake j lo relationship

Cc: Jlo’s instagram

I predict alot of headlines for this album because Drake is reminding us why he is the KING of internet trolling with the More Life album.

Even though J-lo previously revealed that her and Drake wasn’t a thing, the Toronto emcee wants to think otherwise with lyrics like “I drunk text J.Lo/Old number so it bounce back.” and the fact that he sampled her “If You Had My Love” classic song.

Regardless if you’re a Drake’s fan or not, the More Life album is a solid project that you should you definitely listen to (at least once). At this point, there are rumors that Drake might go back to acting in a near future.

Do you think Drake should stick to music? What are your thoughts about the More Life album?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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