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Brace Yourselves 90’s Babies Because «Student Bodies» Might Be Back!

Memory Lane Here I come!



Romeo Emily Cody Miller Student Bodies

Student Bodies Is Turning 20 And They Might Have A Surprise For Us…

You know when you randomly go through your newsfeed and you stop on one of the most relevant post in the world : A Student Bodies reunion! For all the 90’s babies out there, we’re almost done with our 20’s and this alone will definitely bring us all back in time.

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For those who don’t know (or for those who live under a rock), Student Bodies was a tv show showcasing the trials and tribulations of Cody Anthony Miller, a cartoonist for the high school’s newspaper. This week the main actor of the show, Jamie Elman, made a surprise appearance on facebook only to reveal that their might be a reunion of the original cast.

The Theme Song That’ll Take You Back In Time




 If you’re old enough to remember the YTV days, you know for fact that this show embodied our teenagers’ life from every aspect : sexuality, insecurities, rivalry and the overall high school dramas. I think what made this show so amazing is the fact that everything was narrated by Cody’s cartoons which gave it a creative touch I haven’t seen on tv since.

I remember running after school just to catch Romeo on his player mode, Cody and his on going life lessons and I must admit that like most of my friends I had a serious crush on Emily.

This is those kind of moments that slowly reminds you that you’re getting old because even Cody is 40 years old today (scary huh?).Before we become witnesses of what will possibily be the return of a classic, we will overview today some of the key moments or characters that made «Student Bodies» a timeless tv show.


Romeo The Playboy



 Emily Aka The New Girl Aka The Sexiest Thing On Earth (Admit It!)





Victor Aka The Spritual Father Of Joffrey In Game Of Thrones





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Cody’s Eyebrows


Cody miller student bodies

Cc: Student Bodies

Did you know that «Student Bodies» was actually filmed in Montreal? Tell us your favourite memories of the show in the comments and let’s all go back in time!


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