Death Note The Movie Is The New Netflix And Chill For Anime Fans

It’s About To Go Down!

Death Note The Movie Is The New Netflix And Chill For Anime Fans

Death Note The Movie Is Coming To Flip The Anime World Upside Down!

Since Marvel has been extremely successful in adapting their comics to television or movies, it’s only really right that our favourite mangas get the same treatement and Death Note the movie will definitely be something major (or not who knows)!

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Many production companies were interested in adapting the popular manga but Netflix had the final say and here is how they teased us for the upcoming project:

Death The Movie Trailer


I personnaly feel think it’s a great idea that Netflix took over the production for the move. Since the “Narcos” days, I think Netflix proved that they can recreate scenarios and stick to the script to certain extents.

I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed by the cast and we’ll talk about that further in the article.

What Is Death Note?


Cc: Death Note

Death Note is a story that evolves around the main character called Light Yagami. a high school student that discovers a powerful book in which he can kill anybody just by writting their name in it! Light then decide to use this book to eradicate criminality and become the god of this new world he tries to create.

What makes the anime even more incredible is the fact that Light’s father is actually the chief of police. This alone forces the character to find a way to go ahead with his plan and stay out of trouble (which is almost impossible at certain times).


Keith Stanfield As L

death note the movie keith sanfield

Cc: Netflix

Nat Wolf As Light Yagami


Margaret Qualley As Misa Amane


Cc: Netflix

Willem Dafoe As Ryuk


Cc: Netflix

What Is Wrong About Death Note The Movie

There is currently a major controversy surrounding the cast of the movie. A lot of people are accusing Netflix of whitewashing the popular anime for american viewers. As you know Death Note is a japanese anime and unfortunately they didn’t take ANY asian actors for the upcoming movie.

I appreciate the fact the that they took Keith Stanfield to play “L” for black people’s representation although people complain alot about this choice. Regardless, I still think this movie was a major shot for an asian actor to prove that they can play something else than karate gurus of triad members (we need answers Netflix!).


death god ryuk apple manga

Cc: Death Note

I give them props for picking Willem Dafoe as Ryuk because this actor as the perfect facial features to play any bad guys at large (for real). He is naturally born for this; from green globlin in Spiderman to now a death god.

Nat Wolff as Light Yagami is a questionnable choice according to me. Light is confident, in control and an overall arrogant-king-joffrey-lookalike genius. Based on the trailer, it’s hard to tell if the Wolff will be able to recreate that aura.

The movie is supposed to be released August 25th this year and honestly I hope that Netflix understands that the overall fan base of the aniema as high expectations from this movie!

Tell us what do you think about Death Note’s storyline? Who’s your favorite character? Who should play Light Yagami according to you?

Leave your opinion in the comment section!

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