Everything We Wanted To Know Is In ”Scorpion”, Drake Latest Album

Scorpion Emojis Everywhere

Everything We Wanted To Know Is In   8221 Scorpion  8221   Drake Latest Album

Drake Latest Album Has No Subs, 50/50 Rnb & Rap & More Things To Talk About!

Drake latest album, Scorpion” is out and the world is already looking for either cracks in the armor or what’s the potential summer joint. Mixed feelings, a lot of hype, ride or die fans or harsh critics, it ain’t easy being Aubrey man!

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Today, Drake has released his 5th studio album called Scorpion (yeah More Life is actually an album). Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.

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God’s plan was out for so long and they were juicing it forever, I was skeptical about the full project. I’m also part of the 90% of male audience that thought that Nice For What was not my cup of tea.

For all your Drake stans out there, tell me what ya’ll actually expected from an album called ”Scorpion”. Looking at the scorpion emojis flooding for months in my Ig feed had me rolling my eyes as Taraji P Henson in the Baby Boy flick.

Perhaps, without knowing Aubrey Graham personally, there is one thing I know for sure: he can market the sh¤t out of an album.

Billboards with strange messages like ”Fashion Week Is More Your Thing Than Mine”, ”Don’t Hit Me When You Hear This” were great teasers.

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We wanted a Kanye beef, a sub to HOV or even that Pusha T reply. We got a couple answers here and there but maybe not what you thought it would be.

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Overall a dope project. A-side & B-side like the billboards predicted with 25 songs 50/50 rnb & rap. Interestingly enough here are some of the few questions the world had for Drake that he answered in it.

Where’s The Pusha T Response?

Whether he will admit it or not, he’s the one who should actually get an invoice from Pusha T. All this beef made us anxiously waiting on a reply from the 6 God.

Spoiler alert for all our noisey readers, there are no subs aimed at his nemesis. But there’s a BUT. Drake actually opens up about fatherhood and explains that he actually wanted to ”hide the world from his kid” rather than the contrary.

Are You Cool With HOV?

Jay-Z & Drake been at each other’s necks for the past 5 years. If you replace the word ”Racks” by ”Subs” in the chorus of ”Racks on Racks”, it pretty much sums up their relationship thus far.

Drake being the I-got-one-under-my-sleeve-guy that he is, we were blessed with an actual Jay-Z verse. We could tell that it was maybe a last minute move, since the H to the Izzo rapper mentioned the passing of XXXtentacion in his verse.

Are You Still Down With Young Money?

In Drake latest album, he let his pettiness on full display while rapping that he’s out of his contract after the release of this project.

Is There Meek Mill Reconciliation Coming?

The first song screams: ”Hell Naaaaaaaah

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